Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mint Almond Latte and Peanut Butter Dates

mint almond tea and pb dates

OKAY I have sorted out my post-workout snack for the post greek yogurt era, for winter I definitely want something warm so I pulled together this tea latte, but decaf because bedtime, and then the theme for post workout is fruits and nuts, so these dates stuffed with peanut butter, actually I guess all I've done is leveled the mint tea up to a mint latte. It's a good upgrade, though! It's really nice. I also have upgraded my peanut butter from Jif to Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, I may have told you I got that tip from Heidi.

I simplified the preparation, too. Which is good because I don't actually make this myself, I get home and the sweetie man brings me my snack so it has to be not fussy.

almond milk
mint tea
peanut butter

All you do is heat a mug of almond milk in the microwave until hot, you can cut the almond milk with water to your liking. I would think at least half almond milk, or you could do all almond milk, or anywhere in between. Then drop a tea bag in the hot milk.

He just brings me the box of dates and the jar of peanut butter, and I stuff the dates with peanut butter with the spoon and stuff them in my mouth.