Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mid-Winter Tuesday Cooking Practice
 slow chicken

slow cooker


At the end of last winter, my good little slow cooker went bonkers. I guess it fried some wires, sometimes it wouldn't heat up and sometimes it thought it was a hot pot. You don't want to find your slow chicken bubbling merrily away, so I finally went to Kmart and got a new, bigger slow cooker, isn't it beautiful. And boy does it cook slow, I have had to adjust my cooking times. And boy do my slow chicken and slow meats turn out juicy and tender.

For mid-winter all I've had to do on Tuesday for slow chicken was chop up some vegetables and layer it with some chicken thighs, boom, done. The bigger cooker comfortably fits 6–8 pieces of chicken, so that's lunches for the week.