Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pizza Quest
 coalfire pizza

Today I trained Nora, then got my hair cut by Biggie, then Biggie, me, Dawn, and the sweetie man converged on Coalfire, which is just down Grand from Tsubo where Biggie cuts hair and where I train.

biggie and dawn

Biggie and Dawn.

poppy and mr spock

Prawn and sweetie man.

Isn't my hair cute? I mean, I know it mostly blends into the black background in this picture. I loove the bangs, you can see those. Every time Biggie cuts my hair, and we've come a long way from the one-length long bob I think two years ago, I study it seriously and pronounce, this is my favorite one, and I think it might go like that for these pizzas, too. But, that's why I provide these excerpts for more graspable and perhaps more meaningful information:

The 20 Best Pizzas In Chicago Via Chicagoist.

This West Town spot has nearly done as much for introducing Chicago to high-quality Neapolitan style pizza as Nella Grassano, with every pie baked in an oven fired by domestic clean burning coal. Coalfire focuses on the freshest dough and ingredients making their margherita and Fiorentino pizzas among the best in the city, but their mortadella pie is the must-eat. —Chuck Sudo

Coalfire is located at 1321 W. Grand Ave.

Biggie is a vegetarian, pescetarian actually, Dawn and the sweetie man are more on the carnivorous side, and as in every aspect of my life, I am a switch hitter, so I proposed that Biggie and I split a veggie pizza and Dawn and the sweetie split a meaty pizza, and maybe I would have one piece of meaty. Oh because, the menu said one pizza served two. For veggie we got the white and for meaty we got the recommended mortadella, Dawn is very good at paying attention to what the must eat pizza is.





Haha, what, they were good! I want to say that this isn't a bready crust, but of course it's bready, but it's a particular kind of bready, sort of thin and chewy and bubbly, like naan. Like naan! Like naan, not so much with toppings as with flavorings. You wouldn't want to weigh down this crust. So like the white has a thin layer of melted mozzarella and romano, then delicious delicious blobs of ricotta and enormous basil leaves, and the mortadella has just a shmear of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and paper thin slices of mortadella. It kind of reminded me of the Carl Buddig lunch meats that I ate when I was a kid, but in a really good way. Almost melt in your mouth meat.

Anyway we were coming down the home stretch of these two pizzas and Dawn says, I think one pizza serves two was optimistic, and I say, I don't think they were calculating based on two of us.


Thus this margherita.

Schmear of tomato sauce, melted rounds of fresh mozzarella, and the enormous basil leaves. No leftovers.

We were stuffed after that, they have cupcakes for dessert that we will have to come back for. There was cannoli that we didn't get at Art of Pizza, too. We're gonna have to do Pizza Quest 2, this time it's personal.