Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bounce Toe Stop

bounce toe stops

My Snyder rounds were about to erupt, so I picked up these Bounce toe stops by Crazy Skates at Champs. Crazy Skates also makes Bloc toe stops, I got both kinds because I was torn. KWOW totally recommends the Blocs, and her opinion carries a ton of weight. But the Bounce, they had pictures of springs on the box! Made from super high rebound compound! Like Tigger!

Well. I mean, they were never going to be as good as what I instantly pictured in my mind. They're good, though. I liked my Snyder rounds, I tried Gumballs once and instantly rejected them. I instantly accepted these, so there's that. And if you look at the picture, I've had these in since Champs, so about two months, my Snyders were already wearing flat in that amount of time, these look almost creepily brand new.

So I guess my review is, I don't really notice them and that's what I'm looking for in a toe stop? Well truthfully, I was looking to be sproinging all around the track and I'm not doing that; but they're there when I need them. It also says something that I'm loth to change them so that I can try the Blocs, but I will do that at some point.

ETA 3/28/14: So a slight issue with my pair of bounces, after about a month of wear, the stop separated a bit from the stem:
slight issue with bounce toe stops
You know how refs end always end equipment check by saying check your toe stops, and I always do, and I was like, huh. It felt loose like a loose tooth. I have been otherwise happy with these stops and who knows, maybe it's just this one or maybe it's just me. I bang on my toe stops pretty hard. But I also have a pair of blocs burning a hole in my pocket but am generally loth to change, and this just gave me a little push.