Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pizza Quest

killa tay berg

Killa, Tay, and Berg participated in this quest!

legal dawn poppy

As did Legal, Dawn, and Poppy. As you can see, we did eat greens...

thin crust with honey butter fried chicken

...before digging into Piece's February special, HONEY BUTTER FRIED CHICKEN ON PIZZA. WHAT.


Biggie joined us later, finished our greens, and helped us eat the chocolate pizza (not pictured) that we had for dessert.

The 20 Best Pizzas In Chicago Via Chicagoist.

We don’t all live for deep dish just because we live in Chicago. I’m a fan of the thinner, crispier pie at Piece Brewery & Pizzeria in Wicker Park. It’s called New Haven style, and you can get it red (tomato sauce and mozzarella), plain (red sauce with parmesan instead of mozzarella--the traditional New Haven way) or white (olive oil, garlic and mozzarella only). They’ve got a multitude of toppings to choose from, or load up on, including some unusual ones like mashed potatoes, broccoli and clams. I usually order red with friends, but sometimes I’ll go on my own and get a lunch size (available before 5pm) white and add goat or feta cheese. And you read that name correctly, they’re also a small-shop brewery with their own award winning beers that you can also take home by the growler. Right now they’ve got one on tap called Surrender that we can only assume is named for co-owner Rick Nielsen’s band Cheap Trick. Dine in and you’ll get to take a look at his famous five-necked guitar.--Michelle Meywes

Piece is located at 1927 W. North Ave.

Piece is my local joint, or well actually the Little Caesar's inside the Kmart on Ashland is my local joint, but in the previous administration—marital, not presidential—I did used to go to Piece quite a bit and I like their pizza a lot, and we were going to save it for later in the quest to force the creature out of its habit. But then our fearless leader heard some drumbeats about an amazing thing, viz., Honey Butter fried chicken on Piece pizza, WHAT. It started today, is it only for February? I thought it was only February. I am a terrible journalist. They are only making 100 per day, though.


Well. I am not any kind of super taster. And I like pizza. I am probably going to write twenty pizza posts and every one of them is going to be MMMMM GOOD, so use your judgment. I thought it was good. I got two tastes, 1) chicken, and 2) fried. Like the crispy part on fried chicken, you can taste that. And Legal also said, 3) garlic.

I love Piece's crust, it's thin. Remember the guy last time was talking about balancing your slice on your fingers, you can't do that with a Piece slice. It's floppy, but it's not soggy. I feel like it's cooked on an open flame? The bottom tastes toasted, idk.

Also, the beer. I always get the Worryin' Ale, it's good. I have even fewer words for beer than I do for food. They win awards, though. I do think that beer and pizza are really good together, I missed that last time.

Oh, the chocolate pizza. That was somebody at the other end of the table's idea, I could not wrap my head around the concept of that. I got my mouth around it, though. See, that is why you should be open to other people's suggestions.