Monday, February 3, 2014

Habit Review

Fiiiiinally, habits. Haaaaabits.

I'm going to make a habit out of everything that I want to get done that I don't need to think about.

Here's everything that want to get done that I can think of right now, organized per my work/play matrix—

—but wait! Before you get horrified, keep in mind that the whole point of habits is that you DON'T have to keep this whole list of habits in mind. The whole point of habits is to do them automatically, without thinking about them. The only time you have to think about them is when you're learning them. and you do that like how you eat a whale, one bite at at time. Or if you just want to freak yourself out once in a blue moon and look at the whole whale.

Okay, here's the list:


I actually am working on a few new work habits, but I'm not going to write about them. That's sort of funny, work is the least personal thing I do and it's too personal to write about? I guess it's not that funny, this is a personal space and it doesn't belong if it's not personal.

Also, I don't want to accidentally get fired.




  • Review and plan appointments and tasks weekly


  • Record bills weekly
  • Pay bills monthly
  • File taxes annually


  • Brush teeth and wash face before breakfast and before bed
  • Shower or wash daily
  • Stylist twice quarterly
  • Optometrist annually
  • Dentist twice annually
  • Gynecologist annually



  • Cook breakfasts for the week weekly
  • Cook lunches for the week weekly
  • Cook pre-workout dinners for the week weekly
  • Shop for and cook Friday dinner after Friday work


  • Tidy bedroom before breakfast
  • Tidy kitchen before breakfast
  • Tidy bathroom before breakfast
  • Tidy front room before bed
  • Clean as needed Saturday morning


  • Aghhh idk...



  • Stop caffeinating six hours before bed
  • Stop eating three hours before bed
  • Stop exercising three hours before bed
  • Tidy front room
  • Brush teeth and wash face
  • Turn down the temperature
  • Straighten the sheets
  • Actually be in bed eight hours before you have to get up, right?
  • Turn down the lights
  • Turn down your brain


  • Ahhh, I must!


  • Drink green tea for morning drink
  • Eat eggs and vegetables and drink water for breakfast
  • Eat chicken and vegetables and drink water for lunch
  • Drink black tea and eat fruit for afternoon snack
  • Eat meat, greens, and starch and drink water for pre-workout dinners
  • Eat fish and vegetables and drink water for Friday dinner
  • Drink cococherry20 for workout drink
  • Drink mint tea and eat fruit and nuts for post-workout snack
  • Drink wine and eat popcorn for Friday evening snack



  • Email and train Joe on Sunday morning and Tuesday evening
  • Email and train Kris on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening
  • Email and train Nora on Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon
  • Lead referees on Sunday evening
  • Lead plyos on Tuesday evening


  • On skates practice Sunday, Monday, and Thursday
  • Off skates practice Tuesday
  • Recovery practice Wednesday and Saturday
  • Rest Friday


  • See clothing



  • Write blog posts Tuesday and Thursday afternoons


  • Watch TV and movies Friday evening


  • See people Saturday evening


  • Make stuff Friday evening

Well. A great deal of this is just my systems and fitness charts exploded, all the weekly things anyway. I manage all the daily and weekly things in my timetracker, which I don't use so much as a time tracker as I do a giant chronological recurring to do list. I manage the monthly and longer things in my tasktracker, which is another giant to do list. Random and one-off things also get managed in my tasktracker, but remember we were talking about habits. Things that repeat, routine things that we learn how to do until we do them without thinking. Obviously the more we repeat them, the sooner we learn them; so daily and weekly things get up and running right quick, but like doing my taxes is like picking out a fresh rock to carve into a wheel every year. Actually I think I might have to start filing taxes quarterly this year, I might actually like that better.

Anyway my point is, a list like this is not really usable. It's useful for unpacking and inventorying everything, but you'd roll it back up before you went on the road. But we are not on the road right now, everything's unrolled, oh look, I made a chart of habits. Really much of this is well in hand and being handled by my various tools—food chart, food planner, fashion chart, timetracker, tasktracker, SNIKT! and so forth—with just a few things that could be mastered better: filing my taxes, regular health and beauty appointments, sigh, back in the day I used to get regular brow waxes and pedicures, that seems like Shangri-La. I could clean my house better. I have an idea about bout days being big clean days, since Nora and I don't train on bout days. I've been seeing people at least once a week and I've been making stuff, I want to keep that up.

Idk if my clothes are as bad off as I think, I do have that whole fashion chart and my formula... but it still seems beyond my grasp, and also truthfully beyond my reach. Do you know what I saw that's great, hold on... The Wardrobe of Walter White, omg, I totally want to do this for my clothes. I draw sooo slow, but Walter White has a lot more clothes than I do. Haha, so demented.

Maybe meditation would help with that.