Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Place to Hang My Hats and Gloves

hats and gloves

I'm showing you this as an example of a less complicated solution being better than more complicated.

The problem was never being able to find the hat and gloves I wanted, I guess maybe the larger problem is that I can't just wear any hat and gloves but oh well. I tried stuffing hats and gloves into the pockets of the coats they went with, but sometimes, you know, in winter, hats and gloves are snowy when you come in and they don't dry if you stuff them into pockets.

So for like a year I've been dreaming up really complicated solutions to this, like making and hanging bunting on the console table with hooks for hats and gloves. Remember that quilt I'm making, hyeah. Anyway at some point it morphed into screwing extra knobs to the front of an old dresser drawer... and I looked over at my craft dresser... it has knobs...

Problem totally solved, I didn't even have to buy the clothespins that hold together my gloves because the sweetie man already had them. It's life changing, I can always find my hat. And my gloves. And they're always dry. And they're organized by life area: red hat and gloves for work, I switched to WCR hat and black armwarmers for home, and my former indoor hats for play, they fit perfectly under my helmet for biking and I can layer two of them if it's really cold, although I just got a balaclava for when it's really really cold, and for gloves I layer black target gloves and orange paws. For pastime, it's the blue slouch hat and layered blue and black gloves.

Scarves and coats are paired on the coat rack on the door.

I guess you might be wondering, isn't that a bother when you want to open a drawer when you want to do crafts? Yeahhh, see... I kinda almost never do that...