Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Hobby Indoor Outerwear

fall hobby indoor outerwear

If there were a license for fashion blogging, I would have it taken away for posting so many pictures of myself in these shlumpy sweats. But, there isn't! Ha ha!

Hobby wear is what I wear for not leaving the house, so it's indoor wear. Which makes this indoor outerwear, which I wear because my house is so damn cold. You lose body heat through your head and through your joints, so you can stay pretty nicely warm by just covering them. Just lightly does the trick, I made myself this hat—two of them, actually—from the cutoff legs of my stretch capris. Honestly it was so cold, I just rummaged in my craft dresser for anything to put on my head for the afternoon. I thought it was a t-shirt sleeve, but a stretch pants leg is even better. It's the perfect fabric for an indoor hat, a little bit thick but not too thick—warm, but lightweight. And it's stretchy, so it's snug but not tight. So, in case you happen to have cut up stretch pants around. All I did was round off the crown of the hat and sew it up, do you need instructions for that?

The armwarmers I'm wearing are the first armwarmers I ever bought, just plain black jersey. That was before I knew that you could cut the toes off socks and tights to make cuter cheaper armwarmers.

I'm so happy about this, I might sew on ears and whiskers just for fun... probably not though, now that I'm warm.