Monday, November 28, 2011

Bones of the Wrist


What bones are at this joint?

The bones at the wrist joint are the two bones of the forearm, the ulna and radius, and the carpal bones of the hand that my book does not name and that are not properly drawn on my skeleton. I guess from a training perspective, wrists are a little bit of an afterthought. Poor wrists, lower extremity gets all the love! I love you wrists, she typed. Also "gets all the love," ha ha.

What type of joint is this?

Now that I am looking at my supplemental sources ::cough Wikipedia:: the wrist is a hella complex joint, and there's way more going on than it says in my book. So I will simply say for our purposes:

  • the radiocarpal joint is an ellipsoid joint that is similar to a ball and socket joint

What body part moves this joint?

The muscles that work your wrist mostly originate mostly in your upper arm, but most of the meat of them is in your forearm.

What body part is moved at this joint?

What we are talking about is how muscles in your forearm move your hand at the wrist, but there are other actions at the wrist that being left unsaid for now—