Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Diet Quality Card

november diet quality card

The good news is I am wresting back control of my diet card, the bad news is I am doing it with ramen. FSM bless that noodly brick of comfort. I do dress it up a bit, I put in tofu, a scoop of frozen peas, a scoop of frozen corn, and then I drop in an egg and stir it all up. I don't use the soup base that it comes with, I use dashida which was my mom's universal spice. Am pretty sure that it is MSG that makes it so delicious. Also where it says one package of ramen is three servings... misprint?

I can't manage eggs for breakfast right now, I am relying on peanut butter toast. Il est okay. I begrudgingly started eating peanut better apples again, but now I like them again. Il est okay comes from, I think, a New Yorker cartoon about how the French really feel about Jerry Lewis.

This is a Friday diet card, I'm home all day and it's the sweetie man's night to cook. He's been cooking from Cressida Bell's cookery chart, which is brilliant. He is almost through Tomatoes.

Fall Break

I always end the second month of the quarter with a diet quality card, and by "always" I mean this is my second time. Then I take a twenty day blog break until the first day of the season, i.e., I am on break from the 1st through the 20th of every third month. Be seeing you December 21st.