Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Pastime Outerwear

fall pastime outerwear

Fall pastime outerwear is my WCR Dickie's jacket, which has a giant WCR patch on the back. Which brings me to the question of hat and gloves: WCR hat, too many logos? And I'm wearing the second pair of Xhiliration gloves here. I'm so inclined to leave it at that, maybe just knit myself a blue scarf for when it gets colder. I'll probably wear this in winter too, just over my snowsuit.

You can also see a peek of my fall pastime wear: probably a t-shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt, my summer short shorts with striped tights, and my fatboy boots. I have told the sweetie man that this is fashion forward. But also I haven't gotten around to getting new jeans and not a lot is fitting around my thighs. My fatboys get a lot of all around wear; they're cute and they're comfortable, so they're hard to beat.

I found this pattern for a one-seam skirt that I hope to have time to make over league break. I need work skirts, too. Sigh.