Friday, July 17, 2015

Catalogue of a Friendship

chapter 245 - matchy matchy
chapter 244 - serious buttons
chapter 243 - cupcakes and shit
chapter 242 - emoticon exploration
chapter 241 - less angry and more compassionate
chapter 240 - stupid quiz
chapter 239 - rest, rest, rest
Green mod podge vases
Chapter 237- omg its june
chapter 236 - derby kills
chapter 235 - now it is fine
chapter 234 - money!
chapter 233 - bananas!
chapter 232 - dang
chapter 231 - flipping my lid
chapter 230 - woo sparkles everywhere!!
Chapter 229: Bridal virgin
Chapter 228: Spring has sprung!
chapter 227 - discriminate THIS <>
chapter 226 - frustrating habits
chapter 225 - this is what a monster looks like
chapter 224 - snip snip
chapter 223 - a very pleasant female
chapter 222 - dad joke alert
Chapter 222 - relax, don't do it
chapter 221 - chili on potato!
chapter 220 - aughghghgh
chapter 219 - PHOTOS!
chapter 218 - going on an adventure!
chapter 216 - GAPOCALYPSE!!!
chapter 216 - oy my god
chapter 215 - the chapter of the dodo
chapter 214 - assemble some shit!
chapter 213 - not a manatee!
chapter 212 - go rope!
chapter 211 - freedom everywhere
chapter 210 - busy fridays
chapter 209 - those troublesome domos
chapter 208 - what?!
chapter 207: Angry Wave
Chapter 206: pajama party
Chapter 205: what have i done!!!
chapter 204 - balmy
chapter 203 - happy new thread!
chapter 202 - a little horrified
chapter 201 - a new dawn
Chapter 200 - the gap has SADS
omg chapter 200 - SAD gifts
chapter 199 - dammit
chapter 198 - fast girl is fast
chapter 197 - the masses are too much work
Chapter 196 kitties that pray together bathe together
Chapter 195: gotta make it until thursday, or the next sunny day
chapter 194 - stitches
chapter 193 - yippieeeee!!!
chapter 192 - disappointing humidifier
chapter 191 - pant pant
Chapter 190: I will sell this house today
chapter 189 - friday friday!
chapter 188 - wednesday wednesday
chapter 187 - monday monday
chapter 186 - feelin fresh
chapter 185 - grannies
chapter 184 - hot and ready!
Chapter 183 - it's a good day to die
Chapter 182- FOOT RUBBSSS
chapter 181 - montreal in the gap
chapter 180 - little stoner slug fell in the gap
chapter 179 - and the winner for minding the gap for all time is...
chapter 178 - criminal minds
chapter 177 - when people in cars are nice
chapter 176 - clam renunion is only a motion awayyy
chapter 175 - the awesome thread!
chapter 174 - the happy weekend thread
chapter 173 - yucky job yucky job (:]
chapter 172 - not the greatest skirt in the world
chapter 172 - the heisenberg thread
chapter 171 - because i'm happyyyyyyy
chapter 170 - HAPPY HAPPY DAY
chapter 169 - spinning straw into gold
chapter 168 - the gap won again
chapter 167 - the post independence period
chapter 166 - skeleton is love
Chapter 165: Penny tiles!
Chapter 164: new threads
chapter 163 - manifest destiny
chapter 162 - minding the gap
chapter 161 - breakthrough!
chapter 160 - the silence of the clams
chapter 159 - hottubbing
chapter 158 shot in the dark
chapter 157 - the sake tuyas
chapter 156 - accomplishments
chapter 155 - floor washing fantasies
chapter 154 - :D
chapter 153 - D:
chapter 152 - hungry hippo wants all the marbles
chapter 151 - whoa
chapter 150 - summeeertiiiiime
Chapter 149 spoiler alert!
chapter 148 - morning in atlanta!
chapter 147 - knee high socks
chapter 146 - requiem for devil rays
chapter 145 - hair question
chapter 144 - off the florida keyyys... there's a place called mexico
chapter 143 - no wait! i have 1 and 2!
chapter 142 - o.O mind the gap O.o
chapter 141 - kick the mountain yay
chapter 140 - you wear overalls and big old brogan shoes and you need a haircut, tramp
Chapter 139: Work that ASS-ertive
chapter 138 - thump the babies
chapter 137 - the chamber of secretions
chapter 136 - hot lesbian sex!
chapter 135 - nachos
chapter 134 - dry wombat
chapter 133 - american gladiators!
chapter 132 - pizza and shakes
chapter 131 - drunk and falling off your donkey
chapter 130 - hey-o!
Chapter 129 - bald odie
chapter 128 - fingermind
chapter 127 - glaciers!
chapter 126 - hackers!
chapter 125 - rescued by neighbor
chapter 124 - stars and happiness!
Chapter 123: a christmas miracle
chapter 122 - christmas episode
Chapter 121 - sex face
chapter 121 - send your wife sex face
chapter 120 - beat up the mailman
chapter 119 - pumpkin bread is in the house
chapter 118 - to do orgy!
chapter 117 - preemptive strike
Chapter 116 - Don't cross the streams!
Chapter115: Mantra!
chapter 114: MIND THE GAP
chapter 113 - wordy and not so wordy bots
chapter 112 - post-champs
chapter 111 - let's be awkward together!
chapter 110 - waiting for buzzfeed
chapter 109 - the fix-it thread
chapter 108 - the great fish robbery!
chapter 107 - funfetti!
chapter 106 - cute round things
chapter 105 - i can't control the kittens!
chapter 104 - reservations
chapter 103 - what has happened before will happen again
chapter 102 - the barbaric yawps
chapter 101 - welcome to the hotel california!!!!!
chapter 100! where is my mind?
chapter 98 - woahhhh
chapter 97 - how do we sleep while our threads are burning
chapter 96 - well that escalated quickly
chapter 95 - the ART of EMOJI
chapter 93
chapter 92 - dreamweavers!
chapter 91 don't cross the stream
chapter 89 dump me already!
chapter 88 hole in the bucket
chapter 87 dodging bullets
chapter 86! never break the chain!
chapter 85 fucking emoji that would be nice
chapter 83 barfing stars
chapter 82 your professional opinion
chapter 81 footage
chapter 80 playing it by ear
chapter 79 a cartoon of two tables
Chapter 78 HIIIII
chapter 77 sonder
chapter 76 i blue myself
chapter 75 - after the storm
chapter 74 - happy to be stuck with you
Chapter 73: Polite as Fuck
chapter 73 googliness
chapter 72 brewhaha
chapter 71 BLOWN
chapter 70 - damn you guys we broke another thread
chapter 69 - this is gonna be good
Chapter 68. Everything will be ok.
chapter 67: calming manatee is calming
Chapter 66: roll with them punches
chapter 65 operapalooza wooooo
chapter 64 - zombea apocalypse
Chapter 63 atheist fatties
chapter 62 what what wednesday
chapter 61 maalox monday
chapter 60 - graham crackers!
chapter 59 - otters!
chapter 58 - yummy fat
chapter 57 - sleepy tuesday
chapter 56! i have no title!!!
Chapter: Unstoppable
chapter 55 - fish fry friday
chapter 54 - derby domination
chapter 53 feeeeesh
chapter 52 - fluuuuuuuuuuuuuu
chapter 51 - worriers and warriors
chapter 50 ....
chapter 49 - no more inbox zero
chapter 48. dust off that book!!!
chapter 47 the slowest healing tattoo
chapter 46 - still jet lagged
Chapter 45 - A Shoalmates New Year
Chapter 44. life goes on
chapter 43 - ninjas do foot salutes
chapter 42 a snip!
chapter 41 a dip
chapter 40 - in which one should not prophylactically use ibuprofen
chapter 39 - penny table
chapter 38 - 1 day til tai-yi wins
Chapter 37, 31 days until Shanna goes down under!!!
chapter 36 - 35 days
chapter 36 - yummers, so how did you cook the fish?
chapter 35 - possible redemption
chapter 34 - in which i am good at taking naps
Chapter 33. where we all vote
chapter 32 in which i hork three stars
Chapter 31: Squeaky wheel
chapter 30 - date night
hi. hello! chapter 29
chapter 28 afterthought
chapter 27 time nerd
Chapter 26 testing out
Chapter 25 fit snip!
Chapter 24 - proud of my memory
chapter twenty-bajillion - I don't know what we are on
chapter 21 victorian helicopter squid
chapter 20 blue monday
chapter 19 - yawn
chapter 18 - misfortune cookies
chapter 17 holy moly
chapter 16 bonnie thunders is my bff
chapter 15 snippy snip
chapter 14 - a new leaf
chapter 13 - birthday shenanigans
chapter 13: snip!
chapter 12: projectile vomiting stars
Chapter 10 - Harry Potter learns Quidditch
chapter 9 (ooh, bankruptcy)
chapter 8.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jegging Surgery
 bikini boyshorts

bikini top and cut-off jeggings. and slingback crocs, haha.

I decided that I was done messing with my bikini line. Bikini top + cut-off cuffed jeggings. And slingback crocs, haha.

Hey oh, a "fashion" post.

Do you need instructions? These are Xhilaration jeggings from Target. I basically laid my 6" quilting ruler right under the back pocket (yes! these have pockets!) and marked it straight across with a white pencil, and cut with my (very sharp) quilting scissors. I was thinking I would mark conservatively and trim cautiously until they were as cheeky as I wanted, but when I tried them on, they cuffed a lot more nicely than I imagined—and hey, less work. Was not really looking forward to hemming stretch fabric, now I don't have to bother, yay.

I guess we'll see how well this fabric does in water. Not that I really ever go in the water, maybe twice a summer. Maybe this summer not at all, it's so cool and the beach is so faaar.

It's not that I was itching to DIY, I actually had in mind the cutest nautical boyshorts, in the exact shade of blue that's on my bikini top (I don't always ever envision realistically), maybe with the four buttons in the front, you know what I mean? I did quite a bit of online trolling for this, trolling in the actual fishing sense and not the online sense, though not actually fishing, fishing figuratively online, and came up empty-handed, hinc illa Plan B.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Get Up Again

Hokily dokily, I am finally not sick and not critically depressed, so a new schedule is taking shape:


What's really taking shape are Monday and Wednesday evenings, I take the train home from work, stop by the grocery to pick up a vegetable, go home and change into comfy clothes, tidy the bedroom, and lay on the bed to meditate, get up and cook the vegetable, fix a dinner bowl and eat it, and it turns out that the perfect thing to do with the little bit of evening I have left is do a bit of studying. Which since I'm studying movement, more often than not involves moving my body at least a little bit. A little bit is just right for me right now, just the one night with Box was wiping me out for the rest of the week, sad to say, but just laying on the couch watching television night after night wasn't feeling like enough to live for. Or worse, lurking on Facebook. It occurred to me that taking my ProSource quizzes was functionally pretty much the same as reading my feedly, so I couldn't tell myself that I didn't have the energy for that. And it's stuff that I'm actively interested in and it's stuff that I actually have to do, as in cross off my to do list, which I've been doing and it's been satisfying. So it's enjoyable and satisfying, pretty good combo. Low energy, enjoyable, and satisfying, even better combo. And like I said, more often than not I'll jump up to try something that I'm reading about, and that gets me moving, which is helping my mood.

A lucky thing is that it's summer and there's hardly any cooking, I'm onto smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch so really it's just dinner that I actually cook. That can generally happen on Sunday; but if it doesn't, Monday or Wednesday can pretty easily pick up the slack. My dinner bowls are the bomb! I thought I wouldn't eat bowls if I didn't have to rush off to practice, I thought I'd get sick of them. With all the extra vegetables getting cooked Monday and Wednesday nights, plus throwing kimchee into the mix, they're always changing, so many flavors. Tonight I had Korean ground beef (actually turkey), pan-roasted broccoli, kimchee, and avocado, so good! My food in general is on point, I'll write it up when my energy level gets up past reading to actually writing. Or really, it's organizing all the pictures that seems like an ordeal.

Actually another lucky thing about this summer is that it's cold, which sucks for summer but rules for sleeping, which is also helping my mood, when I really lost it was that short stretch when it was too warm to sleep.

Energy is not quite up to cleaning levels, hopefully soon. Maybe this weekend.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Review


This whole recovery is a process of ridiculously lowering my expectations, feeling ridiculously euphoric for meeting them, and then not even spectacularly crashing and burning—just like, getting wiped out by a pathetic little cold. So I had that sinus infection, right? I'm not a person who uses the word literally lightly but literally the day after I pressed my sinuses and declared that hallelujah the pressure was gone, I was like ::tbhhft:: SORE THROAT, and then patiently powered down for that to pass, celebrated that little moment when you definitely feel yourself pass from sick to well again, except it still felt like there was something stuck in my throat. And it's still like that, I've been to the doctor again and had an ultrasound, which like all my other tests was NORMAL. I would say that I'm so sick of that word, but some shred of sanity holds me back and paints a picture of the dramatic irony that would ensue should the result be CANCER complete with a sardonic devil poking me with a pitchfork and needling me about how I feel about normal now. Which isn't the kind of gratitude that comes from the best place, but goddammit it still counts.

Anyway, I reworked my framework for getting things done and reduced it to three of the four major areas in my work/play taxonomy: HOME, PLAY, which includes training, and PASTIME, which includes writing up anything that might come out of any of these areas. The fourth area is WORK, which I don't write about. The idea is to have a little bit to do in each of these areas, though actually doing anything doesn't presently seem to be emphasized in this plan.

To wit, June's picks:


1. Clean kitchen for the love of god.

Is how that went.


2. Take ProSource quizzes.

This, actually, is the one light in my life. Idk why it said take six ProSource quizzes on my wunderlist, I have to take ten to renew my certification next year. But, that's fine. This has worked out because I felt comfortable buying a quiz package, which is cheaper than individual quizzes, and also easy to redeem. Way to go, ACE. The quizzes aren't taxing at all, but I get interesting, usable information out of them.

I'm also finally reading my Gray Cook functional movement system book that I've had for ::cough:: four years.



No, again. I mean, there's this. I really only intend to write if the spirit moves me, I really don't think there's a particular need for me to write otherwise.


Not as TV-heavy as last month, I can get out of bed without a television drip. On the passive side, Agatha Christie Poirot has provided friendly and Inspector Morse not-so-friendly background noise. Inspector Morse shouts too much to be a good bedtime companion.

In the slightly more active viewing column, I stumbled into another inadvertent film festival of self-help narratives: Hector and the Search for Happiness, and The Cobbler. We're mostly not watching TV series anymore, except of course we chowed down the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Moviewise, we've watched Bronson, which was by the same director as Valhalla Rising and which I actually enjoyed, then we had a little Jason Statham festival of Home Front and Wild Card, and a Jean-Claude-Van-Damme-in-a-tiny-supporting-role festival of Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning and Dragon Eyes. I really feel full up on turgid ultraviolence. Oh and, there was one Saturday that I stayed in bed all day and watched animated kids movies.


I have pretty much not seen any people this month, except for at the Crosstown Classic and Biggie had a craft party to make stuff for her wedding, I went to that. I'm not even training with Box anymore, I'm dialing it way down until I can get a grip. Though I am seeing a therapist now ::boom tish::

As for seeing movies, the aforementioned therapist gently suggested that I could, not as an assignment, only if I wanted, go see Inside Out.

July Picks

1. Clean kitchen for the love of god, if I feel up to it.

2. Take ProSource quizzes.

3. Draft shower routine.
4. Draft spring and summer food charts.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Review

A new thing about my life is that I have no deadlines. What I have is lots of lovely free time to do things in, so I just pick one thing from a few different categories off my wunderlist and do them whenever I have time, and it takes however long it takes to get them done. Whereas before the model was, this or that Has To Be Done by whenever it had to be done and it was done as it got by then. That's a pretty significant difference to be able to sit with something until you're done with it, and you decide when that is. What done is.


1. Draft simple beauty routine.

Boy, there's nothing like writing up a process to blow your mind how many steps are in the simplest of processes. Also for a girl who doesn't use a lot of products, I still use a lot of products. I ended up splitting this up into shower, skincare, makeup, and hair. Anyway for what it's worth, skincare is done.


2. Clean bedroom.

Just under the wire, done! Holy crap, that was a big job; I had to divide it into like five parts, where the first four parts were cleaning out my clothes and the last but not least part was cleaning the dust bunnies out from under the bed. So like hygiene lives in the bathroom and cleaning the bathroom yielded Draft beauty routine, clothing lives in the bedroom and cleaning the bedroom yields Draft clothing chart. I have a demented idea about that, but I doubt that I will even get that started before this cycle starts all over again. But anyway, I have purged a bag's worth of clothes from my shelves and finally bought actual casual bras in place of my cut-up cami bras and, really sadly, seem to have lost a pair of workout shorts, oh well.


3. Renew CPR certification.

Man, this was one of those tasks that you look at a hundred times like yeah I gotta get on that until finally you're like GET ON THAT MEANS WHAT, SPECIFICALLY. Well, it means:

  1. Googling "cpr certification chicago," and ah, you find that Red Cross, as well as some others, have certification classes but you pick Red Cross because you like Red Cross, they seem nice.
  2. Searching their site for a certification class near you, which turns out to be at the Rauner Center near Rush, easy enough.
  3. But wait there's more, actually pulling the trigger on registering for a class at the end of May, what are you dithering for. It's a little more expensive than you imagined, you used to get your CPR training through the league for free. But nothing free lasts forever and this class includes first aid, that's probably a good thing for you to know.
  4. What, there's more? The online portion of the class that has to be done before the in-person class—and hello, the end of May is coming up right quick— you actually have to launch that and see what that's all about, geez, it's three levels each of CPR and first aid.
  5. Get crackin' on the online portion, it's actually pretty fun and you learn stuff like did you know in a diabetic emergency, when in doubt, give sugar, even if you don't know whether they're hyper- or hypoglycemic. I would not have guessed that.
  6. Finally finish the online portion, all in all it takes about a week.
  7. Realize that the in-person class is at 9:00AM on a Saturday, and weep a little bit. Figure out how to get there, blue line should do.
  8. Take the in-person class!
Done!! I am now certified in CPR and first aid for another two years.


This has been a very TV-heavy month, I've been depressed on and off and that's when I shuffle around the house with Netflix on an IV. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Death in Paradise, Foyle's War, and Murdoch Mysteries have been getting me through the day and putting me to sleep at night. Police procedurals are best for this, comfortingly predictable. I've long been done with the Law and Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds available on Netflix, and now I'm digging into British and period police procedurals. Now that the original CSI is cancelled, I'm psychically willing Netflix to pick up those fifteen seasons. And NCIS, get that too.


One weekend we watched John Wick and The Equalizer, for an inadvertent film festival of insanely competent assassins coming out of retirement. We also started season two of Vikings, which I don't hate. My attention span is shrinking for long storylines, though, movies actually are better for me than TV series, apart from the aforementioned police procedurals, which are the best.

Sparty and I watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, which made us give up on our indie film club. I think I'm just not an indie film gal, oh well, know thyself.

ETA: Also, Valhalla Rising. WTF.


This is supposed to be see people but it also means see movies, which to my mind is more active than watch TV or even watch movies at home. We only go out for movies that we really want to see in theaters, and then we go the whole nine yards and get a jumbo popcorn and two cokes. This month we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I loved (but I pretty uncritically love all superhero movies) and Mad Max: Fury Road, which I liked.

People I saw: Biggie for a haircut and lunch at Upton's Breakroom, my niece in her spring concert, Fury at Fury brunch, not counting people I train, people I train with (Problem, Brawla, Minerva, Painbows), and people who train me (Box).

ETA: Also, Outfit bout. And also, meine frau in her beautiful new apartment.

June Picks

1. Draft shower routine.

2. Draft spring and summer food charts.

3. Clean kitchen for the love of god.

4. Take ProSource quizzes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Odie!!!

happy birthday odie

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Game of Inches

So basically I had three different headaches all at once, good times. Antibiotics for the sinus infection, neck stretches for the muscle tension, and upgraded contact lens prescription for the eye strain, all taken care of. The last of my tests came back and it's been like Steve Martin in LA Story throwing the suns on the weather map: normal! normal! normal! normal! normal! It's nice to be normal, but I think it would have been nice to have had an explanation instead of having had a stroke for, oh, no particular reason. Or I guess that leaves roller derby freak accident as the leading suspect, not that there really was evidence of that, either.

week ofWORKTrainNutrition
March 15on chair-post-surgery
March 22on chair60%post-surgery
March 29on ball80%transition
April 5on ball100%recovery
April 12on ball100%recovery
April 19on chair*80%BRAT
April 26on ball100%transition
May 3on ball100%post-recovery
May 10on ball100%transition
May 17on ball100%post-recovery

Now in post-recovery nutrition, which is to say back to my normal food chart that I plan to publish on my new blog, Nomnomnomicon, stay tuned.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Skincare Routine

So like I said, I'm putting my life back together again, piece by piece, and I seem to have decided that writing it up in a blog post signifies that piece being in place for now. And if you must know, these are all the pieces and presumably my blog fodder for the upcoming months.

Also like I said I'm cleaning all the rooms in my house, and certain pieces live in certain rooms. So like I cleaned the bathroom, which meant throwing out a ton of expired—I mean like waaay past their sell-by date—products, so I could actually see the skincare and makeup and hair products that I use and actually get myself to use them. Which I'm frankly not that good about if I'm stressed. I know, gross. Well, what is to be done, anything that you want to do like clockwork, you should set like clockwork, so I've been putting a little thought into this and here it is.

So this is my skincare routine after I shower or wash up in the morning, and before I go bed in the evening.

Maybe later I'll write up my shower routine, but in the meantime here's The Week's insanely detailed How to take a perfect shower, which I mention mainly because she mentions the Salux cloth, which I didn't even know was called that. That's the scrubby I've been using my whole showering life, you get them from the Korean store a.k.a. Joong Boo Market.

skincare products

Dental and vision products not pictured.

1. Floss and brush teeth.

Not skincare per se, but I floss and brush my teeth before I wash my face so I can wash off any toothpaste that gets my face. Makes sense, right?

2. Wash face.

I wash with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser, which I've used for years and years, and for exfoliant I keep a mug of baking soda by the sink and just dig up a little bit to give my chin and the sides of my nose little extra rub. I do actually prefer Arm & Hammer, I like its texture better than generic baking soda.

3. Put in/take out contacts.

Because I have the cleanest possible hands after washing my face, also makes sense? I clean my contacts overnight in Clear Care Solution, which is supposed to neutralize overnight after which you can take them out of the case and pop them right in your eyes, but I have trust issues, so I rinse them in a generic no-rub solution, and actually I rub them, because I have trust issues.

4. Swipe with toner.

I just added toner to my skincare routine and after doing some internet research where I concluded somebody has a bad reaction to everything and I can't really afford to break the bank on everything expensive for my face, I decided just to stick with witch hazel and generic at that. I soak a cotton ball with that, first swipe my chin and the sides of my nose and then lightly swipe all over my face, then quick pat my face with cold tap water, then pat my face dry with a towel.

5. Apply serum.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum is my one expensive thing, I got a sample in a gift pack from my boss for Christmas and it really seemed to make my skin look better. That said, it took some talking myself into spending so much on a single product. My skin does look pretty good at the moment, but I think that might be the 17 days of antibiotics o.O. Anyway. Three pumps into the cup of my palm, then I sort of preferentially dot it into all the places where I don't really look old yet but where I could start to look old someday, and from there distribute it all over my face with light upwards strokes like all the French ladies on the Youtube videos. I was putting an extra pump on my neck with the light upward strokes, but it seemed to be irritating my scar so I stopped that.

Any extra gets rubbed on the backs of my hands, but vigorously scrubbed off the palms of my hands with a towel. I can't stand having product on the palms of my hands. When I get old, the backs of my hands are going to look like Dorian Gray and the palms of my hands are going to look like the portrait of Dorian Gray.

5b. Apply benzoyl peroxide.

I haven't needed it lately but if I have blemishes, I dot them now with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I use Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment.

6. Go put on lotion.

Here I want the serum to have a minute to absorb into my skin, so I go to the bedroom and put lotion on my legs and arms. I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 15, ah good, I completely forgot that this comes with sunscreen.

7. Go back and apply moisturizer.

Still nekkid, by the way. I want the lotion to have a minute to absorb before I put on clothes, so I go back to the bathroom and put moisturizer on my face. I use Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 all over my face, and most days that's the end and now I go put on clothes.

Some days, though, there is makeup! And also, there is hair. I might write those up later, too.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Whole Day Fitness
 post recovery

I am officially declaring myself in my post-recovery training period, nutrition will follow as soon as I'm done with these antibiotics. I'm recovered but I'm not as I was, I'm less focused on discrete, high-intensity workouts spaced through the week, and much more on whole day fitness focusing on continuous low-level activity throughout the day. Which I was moving toward anyway, but it's more front and center now that it's pretty much all I do. I've started working out again, but just; we will see how that goes. I've been getting my whole day fitness act together through my recovery period, and it is solid:

1. I walk before breakfast.

Nothing major, just by default: on work days, how I get to work is walk to the train and take the train, thirty minutes door to door, some walking, some stairs, some train surfing, some sitting, some more stairs. On home days, I'm up and about tidying the bedroom and the kitchen, also about thirty minutes.

2. I get up 2x/hour mornings and afternoons.

On work days, I have this down like Leroy Brown. I don't track this with jelly bracelets anymore, I have a new system that I will tell you about later. On home days, I tend more toward being on my feet for at least an hour, sometimes two, cooking or cleaning in the morning, and then off my feet doing desk work in the afternoon. Ideally I'd like to be getting up 2x/hour here too, but it depends how I feel; if I feel like I need to rest, I rest. It's more important to be rested for clients in the evening, which is also on my feet for an hour or two—not to mention mentally and emotionally present.

3. I meditate before dinner.

I also have a new meditation routine, I don't meditate in the afternoon anymore. I still do breath counting versus the parade, but now I do it at home to start my evening. On work days I leave work at five, get home, tidy the bedroom and change out of my work clothes into my home clothes, and sit on my bed and actually I have some PT to do for my neck that I set to breath counting, two birds, one stone, wot. I know, multitasking makes it seem like I'm unclear on the concept of meditation. But it's very focused and single-minded, just because it's productive and time-saving doesn't mean it doesn't count. On home days, it's similar but sort of in reverse: I change into my play clothes at five, sit on the couch and meditate, and then leave the house for the gym. So I always have this nice transition into evening, wherever I'm coming from or going to.

4a. I work out 3x/week evenings.

My workouts are 60 minutes of kettlebells with Box on Monday, and whatever 30 minute program I'm on for Tuesday and Thursday. At the moment and probably through May, I'm doing some PT for my knee, building myself from the ground up!

4b. I rest 4x/week evenings.

What on earth am I doing with all these nights off, well I'll tell you, on Wednesday I am resting like woah. I leave Box's workouts thinking ah, I could have done more, and then I am sooo sore for the next two days. The other three nights I am leaving open to be I know, concept. I mean, Box has also classes on Wednesday and Saturdays that I could pick up. Or I was also thinking about Pure Barre, or Orange Theory. But I decided that I didn't want to just fill my schedule right back up with workouts, I need some breathing room. I don't always go out, in fact I mostly don't, for now I just want to be able to. If I don't, I just chill and watch TV or do something off my to do list.

5. I stretch before bed.

Boy I could not get down to stretching when I was still derbying, but now it's as easy as eating. Which just goes to show, your resources are exhaustible. Saving on workouts means that I have some to spend on stretching, simple as that. I have a flow for this, hopefully it'll be second nature by the time I ramp up on my workouts and I'll be able to maintain both. (I don't think I undercut what I just said, setting up a new habit takes more energy than keeping up an old habit.) Now that I don't have late practices, I start going to bed at nine. Nine!! I drink a glass of tart cherry juice, then tidy whatever needs tidying in the front room (the evening counterpart to tidying the bedroom and kitchen in the morning), then brush my teeth, then stretch, and then go to bed. I don't have to make myself or talk myself into stretching, all I have to do is drink that glass of tart cherry juice and it all just flows after that. Including brushing my teeth and washing my face before bed, which I also didn't used to be good about. Life is so much more civilized without late practices.

Anyway, this here stretching: I was doing ballet stretches for a bit, but now I'm doing the second half of my neck stretches before bed—there were so many of them, I divided them into two parts. AREA WOMAN ACTUALLY DOING HER PT EXERCISES, call CNN. Actually I found a connection between the neck and the ballet stretches and brought them together, so still get to do a little ballet, and will get back to when I'm done with my neck.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting My Act Together

Oh well, let's get this show on the road, one may as well begin with a chart, when have I ever not. I've been spending quite a lot of my time rehearsing—in my head, and in action—the flow of my life, post stroke and post derby. More the latter than the former, in all seriousness, I had zero effects from the stroke itself, I really did just bounce back from whatever that was in like thirty minutes. Surgery, though, surgery knocked me on my ass, and then stomach flu knocked me on my ass again (that was mean). But I more feel like I'm recovering from derby, from having given over eight years of my life to derby, and now getting it all back, a little like a Fifties housewife whose husband finally retires and now he's underfoot all the time. It's crazy, people: so. much. time. It's not even as crazy as it could be, what with doctor appointments sucking up quite a lot of the excess. I'm telling you, recovering from this stroke or surgery or whatever is getting me through recovering from derby. I think I'd be a lot more at a loss if this all wasn't happening at the same time. It makes me really get the phrase "a whole new lease on life," and like this time you have an IN-UNIT washer-dryer—not literally, life is good but not that good. But like, I can get home from work and make dinner like a normal person so I don't need cooking practices like I did. I keep thinking that I should replace derby with some other physical or hey social activity, and keep being really, really loth to give up my time to anything right now. Can I just say how busy I got starting back in August, that was bananas, how did I not know how bananas until now, geez no wonder I had a stroke.

Anyway whoomp here it is:


OMG LOOK how much time for cleaning. I'm actually doing it, too. The Sunday before stomach flu, I spent four hours cleaning my bathroom literally from top to bottom, I mean I washed the CEILING. And the floor. And everything in between. And it felt like the most gorgeous, luxurious waste of time, a gorgeous luxurious waste of time where you get a sparkling clean bathroom at the end. All the rooms in the apartment are going to get the Big Clean treatment, I wonder how long it will take for all of that. After it's all done, hopefully I can transition into maintenance mode and do something else besides clean.

Oh and, MILF is, I think, the Mihaljevich Institute of Learning Fitness a.k.a. Box's garage where she teaches kettlebells and other evil strength, I thought I'd actually work out for a whole hour at least once a week, and hey, with ladies I already know that I like. Left to my own devices I'm more of a 5-minute workout gal, more on that and also whole day fitness in a minute. Anyway I've always regarded Box as il miglior fabbro and am happy to put myself in her hands again.

I still have two nights per week working with clients, and that leaves one evening and also two afternoons for desk PLAY—e.g., studying, which I haven't had time to do in forever, writing workouts, and maybe back to writing this blog—and still lots of wiggle room for seeing people. Wiggle!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Blast >:(

This sinus infection is hanging on, so I have another course of antibiotics to get through. The annoying thing is I have to take the antibiotics with breakfast and dinner, and I can't take them with calcium, so that interferes with my having yogurt for breakfast, which is my new thing, or would be my new thing if I could get on with my life already!

week ofWORKTrainNutrition
March 15on chair-post-surgery
March 22on chair60%post-surgery
March 29on ball80%transition
April 5on ball100%recovery
April 12on ball100%recovery
April 19on chair*80%BRAT
April 26on ball100%transition
May 3on ball100%recovery
May 10on ball100%transition

Oh but, my LDL is back to 68, HDL also 68. BOOM.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Review

This is just a backdated kayfabe post for April, since I started tracking this stuff in May.


1. Clean bathroom.

This was hung up for a while because I decided that I needed a light little mop to get the floor around the toilet, and my first two shopping trips to Jewel and Kmart came up empty. Finally though I found this Libman Wonder Mop at Home Depot, this little mop is everything! Plus I cleaned out a ton of expired products and cleared my head for what my simple beauty routine could be, TBD.


2. File taxes.

Actually getting halfway decent at doing this, actually filed these on April 3 and not on the last possible day. Maybe next year I will have these finished in March. Which was sort of my goal this year, but stroke.

May Picks

1. Draft simple beauty routine.

2. Clean bedroom.

3. Renew CPR certification.

Friday, April 24, 2015

I Get Knocked Down

my pill collection

I'm starting quite the little pill collection...

Boy this week has suuucked. I've been really depressed, I had been feeling genuinely good last weekend, high even, and then Monday at the end of the day at work I started feeling odd and then cold and tired, and when I got home I went straight to bed. I managed to make myself a little rice and chicken soup, which I would later regret, and then the sweetie man found me shivering under all the blankets and climbed into bed with me to warm me up. That was not too bad of an evening, except for the running to the bathroom part, I half-dozed on him watching the rest of Daredevil until it was time to go to actual sleep, which I did. The fever was gone when I woke up, but I was still achy and tired. So I stayed in bed sleeping some more and watching some more Supernatural, but by afternoon I actually wasn't feeling sick and got out of bed to see if a shower wouldn't make me feel more human. So then I went out to train my Tuesday clients, then home and back to bed. Then Wednesday work and back to bed, but at this point I think I am feeling better so then Thursday I get up to do some stuff around the house and you know my internet connects in the bedroom but not the front room, and my phone wasn't connecting at all, and I just couldn't even. So I borrowed MJ's phone to call the doctor to find out if any of this could be a side effect of my medications, and it's an ill wind that blows no good, I told the nurse that my muscles felt achy and the doctor said I could stop taking my statin, muscle aches can be a side effect of statins. Between you and me and the blogosphere, I already knew that and made sure to say muscle aches. Get thee behind me, statin.

The doctor still wanted to see me, so I made an appointment for Friday morning. And surprise, I have a sinus infection. I didn't know that you could have a sinus infection without even a sniffle. That explains the pressure I've been feeling in my head, jeebus I thought I was having another stroke. I've had that since I've been out of the hospital, to be honest. So now I have antibiotics for that, and probiotics for the antibiotics, and a really gross nasal wash to clean things up in there.

I already feel better. Less sick, and less depressed. It needs to be more sunny soon, though.

But, gah:

week ofWORKTrainNutrition
March 15on chair-post-surgery
March 22on chair60%post-surgery
March 29on ball80%transition
April 5on ball100%recovery
April 12on ball100%recovery
April 19on chair*80%BRAT

*Too tired to sit on my ball is tiiiiired.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Coming Up

me and riot

Hairs by Megan McCormack, photo by Sheena Laine Honeycutt

A little chart, why not, of my progress thus far:

week ofWORKTrainNutrition
March 15on chair-post-surgery
March 22on chair60%post-surgery
March 29on ball80%transition
April 5on ball100%recovery
April 12on ball100%recovery

In English: back to work on a borrowed chair the week after surgery, back to training clients two weeks out but truthfully I almost passed out training Kris that week, back to work on my stability ball and much better training clients three weeks out, and back to training myself four weeks out.

Nutrition-wise I wasn't very hungry post-surgery and just eating what was easiest, i.e., bagels with extra cream cheese or scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast; turkey and ham subway sandwiches, Coke, and chips or leftover Chinese for lunch; and ramen with tofu, egg, and spinach that the sweetie man would make me for dinner, but then I had to change gears when my cholesterol came out a tick higher than it should be for a stroke patient and my primary care physician put me on a statin and a low-fat diet, gromble, two out of three doctors agree that cholesterol was not the cause of my stroke! But, I am a compliant patient. It took a week to switch over, but now I'm on my "recovery" diet, basically the same as my normal diet minus all the eggs and avocados, which was, like, fifty percent of my food, oh well. Oh and, I'm substituting ground turkey for all my ground meats, and it is my jam. Mainly I want to get my LDL well under 100 and get off this statin, my body was doing fiiine on its own on the cholesterol front—my LDL in the hospital was 68— and I hope this hasn't messed up a perfectly good natural mechanism.

Boy, did I pick the right time to retire from derby or what. Obviously retirement supports my recovery, but also nicely vice versa. It's not only freed up time from practices but also from all the friggin desk work, my life has opened up like a flower. It's amazing how little I was breathing and thinking, now that I'm breathing and thinking. I've been thinking a lot about whole day fitness, and writing little workouts and jumping up to try them out, and actually stretching before bed, and Problem started a push-up challenge for her birthday, five pushups a day for fory-five days, I'm finally going to rehabilitate my pushup and get it right!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Say Everybody

namastay in bed

...have you heard, I had a stroke:

This is a very pleasant 47 year old female who has no significant past medical history and came into the emergency room on a stroke alert with stroke-like symptoms. The patient states around approximately 7:45pm she was at a funeral sitting down on a couch when she developed sudden onset of slurred speech, left upper and lower extremity weakness as well as episode of dizziness which she describes as a light-headed sensation. Her significant other who is at the bedside attempted to have her grip with both her hands. He noted that the left side was completely flaccid. He attempted to give her some water; however he noted that she was having some drooling out the left side as she was unable to keep her mouth closed. Paramedics were immediately called and she was brought into the emergency room on a stroke alert.

Her stroke score was 8 in the emergency room. She was going to receive TPA; however on evaluation by the emergency room physician, her symptoms had resolved and she was able to use her left side without any further weakness.

So, that happened. That was three weeks ago: from the ER I was sent to the ICU hooked up to a heparin drip, and then I feel like it was two days before I had enough heparin in me to be allowed off the drip so I could have an MRI. Then like a day waiting for somebody to read the MRI and tell me about it. Then after being told I would be sent home on blood thinners and taught to jab myself in my belly fat with a needle for that purpose, a quick decision to send me to surgery to remove the clot they found in my right carotid. Surgery the next day, then a fretful sleep hooked up to an A-line the better to measure my blood pressure with, then unhooked from everything and sent home and told I could go back to work the next day if I wanted. Do not want.

Doesn't that seem bananas? I really wanted to stay in the nice hospital bed for just one day and night not hooked to things, so I could sleep comfortably and still get food delivered. But actually it was even better to sleep in my own bed, and do nothing for the rest of the week. I had no motivation, which I imagine was therapeutic. All I was doing was sleeping, hydrating, peeing, and eating edible arrangements that I got from work and from Trouble and Aaron. Those things are genius, what you really need out of the hospital is healthy easy food that tastes good. Otherwise MJ was making me ramen with tofu, egg, and spinach, or we were ordering from Mon Lung and eating that through the week. And TS brought me ice cream and Pringles.

At the end of the week MJ suggested that we could go on a walk. At this point I've been basically immobile for an entire week—apart from now I gleefully get up to pee on my own, whenever I want, it's still not old—and from my house to the Division blue line seems really, really far, let alone going down stairs and maybe having to stand on the train and then going up stairs. In fact on our Saturday morning walk, I chickened out of going down the stairs. Then Sunday morning I was supposed to go to the grocery store and that seemed like a forever trip, too, so I didn't. Sunday evening, though, we walked to the blue line and down the stairs.

So Monday, back to work. I sat on a regular chair instead of my stability ball, it was actually a restful and engaging day, it felt better to do stuff than watch at this point I'm watching Ghost Whisperer. In the hospital and first days home, it was Hawaii Five-0. I've since switched to Supernatural, which I like. Anyway, I worked Tuesday just for kicks and was actually going for all five days, but by the end of Wednesday I was thinking that I wasn't going to make it to Thursday and went home and straight to bed, seriously, I was in bed by 5:30 until I woke up at 8:00 Thursday feeling like I had been run over by a car. My work is being really great about this, so they were fine about me staying home. That rested me enough to work Friday.

So then, weekend, popped into Fury extra practice Sunday afternoon. (I mean, not to practice, just to bounce on a bouncy ball in the infield and give notes.) This week has been doctor's appointments—followup with the surgeon, and now I have a new all-in-one g.p and gyne, which is fab—and working Tuesday, Thursday, and today, and going back to work with clients, spread out nicely over the week so no day is too long.

This weekend is IKC, which I am not playing in, obvs, and after which I am retiring. Not because of all this, I've been planning to retire after this season, that's why I didn't try out for travel teams this season. But, this is my farve insurance.

That pretty much catches me back up to the present, and maybe using this space to put my life back together.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

State of the Blog


I finished the project that I started working four days for, then got through all of the year-end stuff, and now am going back to three days with an occasional fourth day when there's extra work. It's been fabulous having a surplus of money for a change, but I'm feeling a serious time deficit that I need to sort balanced. And that's the story of my life—not complaining at all, it's an okay story! There are lots of worse stories.

I have barely looked around here since before Thanksgiving, I think. Everything seems pretty much as I left it, stats around 350 hits/day and 10,000/month. I got my first $103.48 Adsense payout, woo hoo!

I have no plans or goals. I have things that I think I want to do—most especially, start writing for my new blog Nomnomnomicon. Sometimes, though, what you think you want to do isn't what you actually want to do. Today is just my second Thursday off since I forget when, August? I'm just seeing how my days shape themselves, how my week shapes itself.

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon
evening evening evening evening evening evening evening

Oof I will say, alla sudden my laptop is sooo slow with iPhoto and Photoshop, that's a thing that's going to make me think that I don't enjoy blogging. When what I don't enjoy is beachballing, must fix. How does one fix such things.

ETA: Oh wait, Shanna figured it out! Remember I dropped and broke my trusty old camera? (Sadness.) So I have a new camera, and it takes pictures like ten times the size of the old camera. So I have to figure out how to adjust.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



O: You have to vote, even if it's cold.
K: Okay.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let There Be Light

p: oof we really have to change the light bulbs.

p: it's getting really dark in here.

m: well you're standing between me and the stepstool.

p: you mean you're actually going to ...change the bulbs?

p: all i had for my action item was to say they had to be changed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Two More Presents!

cocky belt bucklea list of things to do


  1. Cocky belt buckle - This is my present from the sweetie man! Hahahahahaha, omg it is so perfect on like eighteen different levels.
  2. A list of things I will eventually do in no particular order - A surprise present from my milk toof twin, Joanie Utah! I'm Ickle, and she's Lardee. And we both love lists.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

p: i don't want to see any of these

p: here's what it is

p: pretty much the only thing i would definitely leave the house to see

p: would be marvel

m: even thor?

p: oh definitely thor!

m: gotta see him on the big screen ::pantomines thor lol::

p: that reminds me!

p: we could watch vikings tonight

m: we could watch vikings

p: like chinese and vikings

m: no kimchee pancake?

p: we could have kimchee pancake

p: chinese and vikings is funnier though

m: it is funnier

m: and the vikings discovered asia

p: ...

p: they did not!

p: they discovered america

m: same difference

m: the land bridge

m: the westernmost part of asia

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Xmas!

merry xmas

Eight Presents

helmet liners wrist guardselbow pads knee padscardigan puffy coattights wheels

ZERO problem filling my cart this year, I have been needing a lot of stuff!

  1. S-One Lifer helmet liners - I really like my Lifer helmet, much better actually than I ever liked my hockey helmet. But, the liners do compress with wear and have to be replaced. I fear that not replacing mine may have contributed to my eye eating track, which is my own fault! So I ordered replacement liners, and as long as I was doing that I ordered three sets of them.
  2. 187 Killer wrist guards - I haven't bought new gear in a shamefully long time, like maybe 2011? This is just me replacing what I like.
  3. 187 Fly elbow pads - Samesies, I get the Fly instead of Killer elbow pads because they're cheaper and ::jinx hex:: I never fall on my elbows.
  4. 187 Killer knee pads - Samesies!
  5. Lands End Drifter red cardigan - I haven't updated you with this critical piece of information, I finally got a work cardigan that I don't hate, i.e., this cardigan in black. Now that I work more days a week, I need more sweaters. So I got this in red.
  6. Lands End black puffy coat - Eeee! This is the best, you know I didn't have a winter coat for riding my bike in. Just layers and layers of hoodies under my Fury track jacket. But TMI in a boring sense, this saves my hoodies from getting flat and cold from being worn outside and they stay fluffy and warm for inside. Also when I get sick of winter, what I'm sick of is putting on all those damn layers. This coat is so thin! It's so warm! I still layer it under my Fury track jacket, and it's just right.
  7. Mondor cotton tights - Just getting a few more of the best tights ever because of the aforementioned working more days a week. The six pairs I got two years ago are holding up great and still look practically brand new.
  8. Crazy Control wheels - I also haven't bought new wheels in ever, probably also 2011. I've been swapping the three sets of my good old Jukes around to squeeze more life out of them, but it's just time for them to give up the ghost. So then I was researching new wheels, the whole wheel landscape has changed since I last looked! Which made my brain fold over, so I just bought these wheels by Crazy Skates because I liked their little scheme. And also, I love my Crazy Skates toe stops. Anyway they come in three hardnesses: Rewind which is 90, Play which is 93, and Fast Forward which is 96. I've been skating on 95/97s and as long I was getting it done, I went ahead and got a set of 93s and 96s to try them out in relation of each other. Last Sunday I tried the 96s, first at learn to skate where I slid out a bit demonstrating a 10-sec one lap, and then lol jamming in scrimmage where I wiped out a couple times trying to quick stop behind the pack. Next Sunday, the 93s! Brb!

In truth I also need a humidifier, and also more kinesiotape, and maybe a happy light? And I've been looking at getting some sort of Kindle or tablet. And xmas presents for my nephew and niece, and also a birthday present for my nephew, his birthday was in November... ah well, I'm as good as I am, I accept myself...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eggnog Jars

eggnog jars

To Spartakris' house we go...

We're going to Friendmas Eve at Sparty's house this year, so no Chinese takeout. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight we're having pasta and meatbaaallllls, and lots of other stuff. I made this eggnog, it's Clyde Common's Better Eggnog from Food52, halved and I used agave instead of sugar. Because tequila! I also reduced the alcohol a bit, because me. I don't like eggnog that you can take the paint off cars with. Anyway it's true, this is a very drinkable eggnog. Kind of dangerously drinkable, that's why I only made two quarts. I need to think of how to use up the rest of this tequila and sherry, so that I'm not making eggnog for myself all winter.

Re: mixing this, I found that my mixer didn't beat the eggs well enough and my food processor was too small—for this amount, anyway. So in the end I went with the soup pot and immersion blender, like he says.

6 eggs
1 cup agave
4-1/2 oz aƱejo tequila
6 oz amontillado sherry
18 oz milk
12 oz cream
nutmeg for garnish

In a pot, blend the eggs with an immersion blender until smooth. Add in rest of the ingredients except the nutmeg, and blend until everything is incorporated. Pour into quart-size mason jars and refrigerate at least four hours.

Serve with nutmeg sprinkled on top. Or I like to shake it with some ice in a pint-size mason jar, sprinkle with nutmeg, and stick a straw in.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lights On

lights on

Some years you lay the tree skirt on the table and the ornaments on the skirt and you say, We're not having a tree this year.

I'm conflicted about the tree, anyway. And I love our yule log, which the sweetie man maaade.

I did manage to make Kevin his own stocking, er, mitten. So there's that.

So there's that is my tagline for this winterval.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I've Made A Huge Mistake


Ha ha! So, THAT happened.

Let me tell you something that Myra told me when I was in therapy, say there's a hole in the street that you keep walking into. My favorite part about this metaphor is that I actually did walk into a hole in a street once, of course I did, that is absolutely the sort of thing that I do. When I'm walking breathlessly next to a boy I have a secret crush on. Onnnne hundred percent me. ANYWAY I only ever literally walked into a hole once, but figuratively, yeah, over and over. At first you're not aware of the hole at all, and finally you have an epiphany: this is a hole. Then it happens again and you think, I think this is the same hole. And now that you know that the hole is a thing, the next thing that you do is ...walk into the hole. Even after you're aware of the hole, even after you're aware that you're doing something that finds you in the hole, it still takes a lot of finding yourself in the hole again and again before you're aware that you're doing that thing RIGHT NOW—ah, dammit. And then there's a lot of stuff after that, which I'm not even up to.

Where I am is like a frog in a pot over low heat, getting myself into hot water in slow motion. Which is an improvement, credit where credit's due, over diving into hot water like I used to. What I've been doing for the past six weeks, or six months, who knows, is gradually doing more and more, more work, more clients, more workouts, learn to skate clinics, ref practices, but where I think I specifically went wrong was that I added strength training in my offseason and then when home season started back up, I added skate practices back in but didn't subtract anything. The upshot of which was, I think I might not have had a single day off for like twelve weeks. And that was me, unaware, doing the thing that finds the track with my face. Again.

Ah well. My face is already healed up! And I rejiggered my chart, so I have Saturdays off:

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon
evening evening evening evening evening evening evening

In all honesty my face is healed up, but a lot of the rest of me is a mess. Not having to do with the injury, but with the stuff that led up to the injury. That was just before Thanksgiving, after which I had two weeks of happily wallowing in sloth. And two weeks after that, I can't get myself out like the sad diorama at La Brea. Which is a known issue at this time of year, so the thing to do is not panic. So that's what I'm doing right now, not panicking.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

State of the Blog

m: oh no!

p: oh no what?

m: one of the domos fell off one of the horses.

p: what horses?


p: LOL!
m: they've been there for like a month.

So. I'm doing this State of the Blog a couple weeks ahead of time, usually these state of the Bs are the last week of the month. Because I'm done with my big project this year, the food charts and cooking practices, and now I want to dust sheet everything and close the house for the season. Just not think about it for a couple weeks, and then think about what I want write to next year. How I want to write.

Quick look at the dipstick: stats have leveled off at around 350 hits per day, about 10,000 per month. Earnings actually seem to have ticked up a bit, by which I mean they're around $5/month. I should get my first $100 payout early next year. I look at stats and earnings like I look at my weight: not with a lot of interest or initiative, but I still look. It is what it is, it's fine, it doesn't change much.

I'm much more interested in having a project, I haven't thought what that's going to be yet.

Guess what though, I bought a new domain name: Nomnomnomicon. Hahaha! So I also have to think what one blog will be to the other. I mean, I feel pretty well settled with not at all trying to write either of them to the world. I write to myself or to my clients or classes, and leave it out here in case somebody else finds it useful. Both of them will still be like that, only maybe alla Poppy will be more like the magazine and Nomnomnomicon will be more like the book.

But first, the sheets. The white. The calm.

Oh, I just had idea for something I could write.

See, that's how it is.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Late Fall Tuesday Cooking Practice

Oh woop, today is meat, greens, and quinoa day, but Sunday I was out of greens so I made kale and I was excited about fitting potatoes in the oven so I made potatoes. So I'm all done for the week.

Thank god, because the house needs to be cleaned super bad.

I'm just going to drop this little factoid here, I usually can't cook and do something else. I mean, I probably could have managed popping some potatoes in the oven and then getting on with housecleaning. Focusing on one thing in a big chunk of time works a lot better for me, though. Just saying it helps to not overschedule yourself and thus not set yourself up for failure, that wears on a soul time and time again.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Stand Up 2x/Hour

Part four of four daily practices for whole day fitness.

Did I ever tell you, I'm sure I have, about having to do country reports in sixth grade and I only got a Good on my Poland report; there were two higher designations, I forget what, but basically I got a C, I KNOW, I deeply believed that my life was ruined. Because in describing the topography, I only detailed the mountains and rivers and valleys and neglected the very large plain in the middle that I guess is mostly Poland? Idk I still have a pretty unclear concept of Poland, I pretty much blocked it out after that. Which really is the only plausible explanation for why I never ate a paczki until this year.

Anyway the last piece of my whole day fitness puzzle is like that, the very large plain in the middle. Which for me is my work day, my office work. Which I spend mostly sitting, I get into the office at 9:30 AM—a super-sweet deal thanks to the aforementioned forward thinking office manager—and putter around a bit getting my breakfast, and then pretty much sit from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

I've written a bunch of stuff about what sitting does, that info is still pretty good though I've improved my answer about what to do about that. Omghaha remember when I tried those hourly exercise breaks, I demented myself. The very simple thing to do is, just stand up twice an hour. That's it! Literally get up, reset glutes-abs-supes—did I tell you about supes, supes is my new word for rotator cuff muscles, come to one of my classes and you can hear alllll about supes—and sit back down. Anything more than that is gravy, stretch a bit, sure, go for a little walk, lovely, climb a flight of stairs, if you must. I like to keep it as simple and undisruptive as possible to my work. Maybe I'd be healthier if I wrangled cows for a living, but that's not what this service economy has to offer me and these spreadsheets aren't going to wrangle themselves! And anyway, let's not romanticize manual labor. Everything is pluses and minuses, I just need to undo this little minus of mine by unsitting now and again. Do you see what I'm saying? If sitting too much is the problem, the solution doesn't have to be LIFT THREE HUNDRED POUNDS. Though that's a very admirable goal in itself. The simple solution is... don't sit too much. How do you don't sit? Stand up!

The problem with my hourly exercise breaks was a) too complicated, and b) gah, an alarm going off twice an hour. I tried it and it didn't work, no shame in that. I'll tell you what eventually did work to set this habit and when you hear what it is you can join me in a hearty YMMV.

jelly bracelets

Jelly bracelets. I ordered a bunch of them off Amazon, I suppose you could also get them at Hot Topic lol. So I get into work at 9:30 and putter around so I'm up and about, that leaves 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, and 4 times two is fourteen jelly bracelets that go on my left wrist. Whenever I get up, a jelly bracelet goes from my left wrist to my right wrist. So I know if it's 12:15, I should already have four jellies on my right wrist (two for 10, two for 11) and now's as good a time as any to stand up and move another one over.

What if you get behind on jellies? It's jelly bracelets, how seriously are you going to take them? Do jumping jacks, whatever. Or quietly note "faaack" and go back to counting your bracelets, meditation is everywhere, amirite? Make a jelly discard pile and frown at it. You don't have to kill yourself over this, the whole point of this is to unkill yourself. This is a very low impact thing that has a huge impact on your health, and you know what, also your fitness, and also your athleticism. So basically, my favorite kind of thing.

And so it goes until all fourteen are on the right and it's time to get up and go home like Fred Flintstone.

I mean, I get that the significant flaw in this plan is that it has you wearing jelly bracelets. It doesn't have to be jelly bracelets. And it's not forever, I just wore them until I had this down and now I don't wear them anymore. Mostly. I might be wearing them now. Don't you know when you stress out a sixth grader about getting a C on a report, what you get is a forty-seven year old woman who wears jelly bracelets now and again.

Obviously the cost of shipping would exceed the cost of jelly bracelets but if you throw them on another of your Amazon orders, remember you can buy through Amazon Smiles in support of the Windy City Rollers. Use the URL and search for Windy City Rollers. Most purchases are eligible for us to get a cut!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Late Fall Sunday Cooking Practice

Now that I've wrapped up a year of food charts, it occurs to me how much of what I eat and what I cook have to do with what I publish. I mean, right? I have this editorial calendar, which means this shooting schedule, which means this cooking plan, which means this food that I eat. More about this later, but I was reflexively planning—just in my head, not on paper or anything—what I was going to cook when, next year, and had an epiphany that I don't have to write about food next year, of course not, I don't have to do anything. It's just that writing about food has been going on for a long time for me, circumspicere, how far does this blog go back? Geez, 2009. That's like five years. Of photographing my food before I eat it. Of that, really it's been the last two years that I've been seriously developing these food charts. Which is still a long time, long enough that it was a slow realization that eating and taking pictures could be unhitched. And that eating might flower into something totally else with that freedom, kind of like, well, I did. When I got unhitched.


I had sort of a car wreck of a week last week where I managed to make all the food on the chart, but then did not want to eat any of the food. I just couldn't face microwaved eggs at work, and idk what but the slow chicken I made last week was just gross. Meat, greens, and quinoa were fine.

So today started with taking stock: I still have four shakshuka jars in the fridge and I still don't think I can face microwaved eggs so it's going to be peanut butter apples for breakfast. And bleagh last week's chicken really put me off slow chicken, so it's going to be baked chicken shakshuka, hey-o, for lunch. I have roasted edamame, almonds, and cashews for afternoon snack. And the sweetie man's made spaghetti with meat sauce for the past two weeks and there's plenty of meat sauce left over, so that will stand in for meat and all I need is greens and starch.

Oh first of all, I made sweet clafouti with fresh apple for breakfast and put the peels in the toaster oven for crispy apple sticks. And then I got sidetracked setting up my old R3s for a recruit who wants to borrow them for tonight's clinic.

1. Cook kale.

In fact I need greens now-ish, I finished the greens in the fridge on Thursday. So first thing is I put some water on to blanch the kale.

2. Bake chicken, and also tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos for guacamole.

So I bone a package of chicken thighs and put them in a baking pan, and I also want to bring some guacamole to Sparty's to watch the Bears game tonight so I figure out how to jam all of that in the same pan:

chicken and salsa fixins

I hope all that cooks evenly, I suppose I could have spread them out a bit more on a baking sheet. But then I wouldn't have been able to:

3. Bake potatoes.

If you're wondering how big my oven is, it exactly fits a 13x9 baking pan and four baking potatoes. I figured that sounded good for dinner, baked potatoes with meat sauce and kale. I got the idea from Food52.

And now the apple sticks are done, because life is good like that. Brb!


Okay so, the potatoes are in little foil jackets in the fridge like Food52 said to do. The chicken I cut up and filled two pint mason jars, it may or may not be enough. I may have snacked on a couple three all of the crispy chicken skins, what, they don't keep and they're yum.

Quick ran a knife through the tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic, and cut open all the avocados I had in the fridge, it's kind of time for an avocado turnover around here. Mashed it all together and voila:


Not to be disloyal, but I have a feeling this isn't the only green we're going to be eating tonight. PROVE ME WRONG, CUTLER.

Finalmente, I decided to toss the blanched kale in the remaining chicken fat and tomato-jalapeno juices and finish it in the oven. I just took a peek at that and some of the top bits had crisped up like kale chips, that's not going to keep either so yum.

Sheesh, life is time-consuming. Just enough time to get the kale out of the oven and wash up for LTS and referee practice tonight. At least I've snacked enough, I think I'm okay on food!


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