Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Can't Take Much More

p: how was your day?

m: clummmsy baby.

p: aw, he fell?

p: did he cry?

m: he cried a little.

m: you pick him up and let him know he's okay, and he stops.

m: and i sing to him.

p: you sing to him!?!?!

p: what do you sing?!?!?

m: ...





Via "Rudy T, A Year in the Life of...", A Message To Rudy
p: aw, he likes you.
m: no, aaron's in front of us.
m: and he has a camera.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Be Coachable

Last Sunday I started teaching Learn To Skate sessions for WCR, and the following was more or less this session's intro:

Before we get started, the very first thing I want to impart to you is BE COACHABLE. And I'm telling you this really only partly because I want you to make the most of our time together and kick ass at tryouts and show off your strength and your fitness and your skating skills. Being coachable gets you those things, but being coachable itself is a thing that coaches and captains will be looking for at tryouts and throughout your derby career. Being coachable is a thing. It's a thing that would behoove you to be good at, which means it's something that you have to practice, which means it's something that you have to learn. So let's get started with that.

Why don't I just tell you what I think it means to be coachable, first, some basic courtesy things like Be on time. Be prepared and ready to work. Be rested and fed. Don't be hungover.

Be here for what you're here for. You're here to learn. Not to put it too finely, you're not here to teach. I'm here to teach. I know it's a really sweet thing to say, "oh I learn more from my students than they do from me," but let's cut to the chase, if I learn more about skating from you than you do from me, we are doing it wrong and what are you paying me for. Be here to learn! And learning is what, well, listen to the thing, then try to do the thing, and then ask questions. In that order, seriously, and questions are optional. Only if you sincerely have a question and then, of course.

Here's the thing, learning is a vulnerable position to be in, maybe you're aware of that and maybe you're not; so now you can be aware that I'm aware. I'm not aware as a teacher that my students feel vulnerable, I mean I am, but I mean I'm aware as a student myself that I feel vulnerable all the time! Being vulnerable is scary, it's uncomfortable, I get it. You will want to protect yourself, you will want to shut the stall door and be like do you mind, I'm in here. But er, you gotta leave the door open. Where shut the stall door means backtalk, or self-deprecation, or showing off your knowledge, or ass-kissing, or squirting out a cloud of ink like a squid, anything that isn't listen to the thing, then try to do the thing. Don't beat yourself up if a little defensiveness slips out, this is a hard thing that you're learning and it takes practice. It's hard for me and I've been practicing hard—I don't mean practicing skating hard, I mean practicing not being defensive—for seven years, and I just slipped up, like, last week. Just catch yourself, and turn yourself back to listening to the thing and trying to do the thing. Listening to the thing and trying to do the thing, and as little else as possible, is a skill like any other that you get by practicing it over and over. And as it happens it's a supremely useful skill for learning other skills, particularly physical skills like skating.

Nice speechy, no?

Lo and behold, the very next morning, Why You May Seem Uncoachable popped up in my facebook feed, like it's actually time-stamped September 7, it might have posted literally at the same time as I was having my little fireside chat above. Not gonna lie, I read that with my cigarette and bourbon... at 7:00 AM, lol... like ::puff:: preach, sister. Zing, right out it went to my recruitskis: I told you, it's a thing that every trainer will look for in you. Okay but, kidding about the cigarette and bourbon, I'm an accentuate the positive kind of gal and almost always want to present the good side of what you want to do vs. the bad side of what you don't, so I detourned her selfsame points just to give a few more positive pegs for you to hang your helmet on. Actually I think she's nicer than I am, there's no appreciable difference to me between an uncoachable person and an apparently uncoachable person.

1. Self evaluate. Look at your strengths and weaknesses—honestly mostly your weaknesses, but don't freak out and think I'm a bad skater, I'm a bad person ahhh! That is ego, in fact you're not any different from any other person learning how to do a thing. A weakness is just a thing to work on. Work on it.

2. Listen to feedback. See above, or here I'll just repeat it to save your eyeballs the upward trip: listen to the thing, then try to do the thing, and as little else as possible.

3. Look like you're listening. I love that she says she doesn't like to make direct eye contact, I don't either for different reasons. I point my ear at my coaches. I wonder if they notice I'm pointing my ear at them. I nod, I repeat back what I heard. Then most important, I try to do what I heard.

4. And I repeat, try to do the thing. Sorry not sorry to sound like a broken record, that's all I got because that's all there is. I actually haven't had too much of skaters asking for modifications, I really only came across it when I was auditioning to be a group fitness instructor for, you know, gen pop. That sounds kind of jerky, but in derby you're competing to be on a select team that needs you to be able to do the things and not so much to be free to do your own thing. Second Wind has been great about this this season, faaack I have sucked at left chip stops all summer and they never let up on us and guess what, last night I felt something click... no wait, those were right chips. Faaack. I can't remember. Something clicked, though.

5. Stay in drills. Here's the thing, I'm also a proponent of taking care of yourself and there may be a perfectly valid reason that you should pull out of a drill and you are the arbiter of your own health. So here's how you do it, you pull yourself out on your own authority. Maybe your skate is laced too tight and you can't feel your foot, maybe your lower back is killing you (and if it is, you need to be using your glutes and hamstrings more and your lower back less), maybe you're just flat-out gassed. Fine, pull out, fix it, recover, and put yourself back in when you're ready.

I see you, I get it, I appreciate that you're taking care of yourself both in the tender loving care sense and the Emersonian self-reliance sense, I fully expect that your muscular endurance and your fitness will improve over the next six weeks and deeply anticipate how gratifying that will be to both of us. No other song and dance is necessary, I have up to twenty-three other skaters to keep an eye on. Put your helmet back on, get back in the drill, I might wink at you for courage, and if a wink doesn't cut it, here's Kidnapped Dogs and How We Get By in Roller Derby that my wifey and il miglior fabbro wrote way back in the day, ever golden.

If you're interested in LTS clinics, give me a shout at tryout (at) windycityrollers (dot) com.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Early Fall Tuesday Cooking Practice

Since I'm keeping eggs and melon for breakfast, and I'm keeping ground meat, greens, and rice for lunch for another month, Tuesday cooking practice is the exactly same as last month: wake up, coffee, words, get up and tidy the bedroom, tidy the kitchen, whack whack whack cut up a cantaloupe or honeydew, put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, scramble some eggs, and voila breakfast.

Eventually get up and put on some ground meat and when the meat's on, blanch some turnip or mustard greens, drain, squeeze, and dress with seasoned rice wine vinegar.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Early Fall Sunday Cooking Practice

I'm keeping hard boiled eggs and melon for breakfast for another month, so Sunday starts the same, wake up usually by eight, get coffee in bed—oh wait, look!

otter mug

EEEEE, it's an otter with a fish. Birthday present from Biggie!

...where was I, do words and email clients, get up and tidy the bedroom, tidy the kitchen, boil eggs for the week, and whack whack whack cut up the week's watermelon, put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, the timer goes off for the eggs, run cold water over them and peel two for my plate. Take my plate to the couch for breakfast.

Eventually get up and put the rest of the eggs into a carton to bring to work and then I was supposed to set about making baked chicken and roasted vegetables, but I guess we're going to get all of our summer in September! I almost gave me and the sweetie man heat stroke from having the oven on. I switched things around on the ultimate food chart, I can use the oven and heat up the apartment in winter how about. I don't know why I didn't think before to use the slow cooker for fall—so slow chicken will be happening instead. Really a better rule of thumb is lingering heat in fall, and lingering cold in spring.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Early Fall Saturday Cooking Practice

So Saturdays have changed yet again, but not so much in the cooking aspect. I sleep in a bit and when I wake up I do words, tidy the bedroom, and tidy the kitchen. Then, I'm still sticking with scrambling eggs and grabbing a melon jar out of fridge for breakfast. I pretty much have just enough time to wash up and bike over to Vie, or I guess now it's called Goose Island Crossfit, to train Travis at noon. Both Nora and Travis are training deadlifts, so it's actually a bit of work for me setting up their weights. I mean, not as much work as they're doing; they're both prodigiously strong. Then well, Binny's is right by Vie/GIC... sooo I swing by Binny's and look at the pretty bottles...

snaggle tooth

Eeeee, for coffee ice cream! I'm going to get chocolate liqueur for chocolate ice cream, and maybe Midori for green tea ice cream? Sooo many ice creams.

I mean, I can't be buying a bottle of liqueur every week. Sometimes I go to Trader Joe's for more microwaveable rice, I have another month of that too. Actually a huge plus about having a Saturday morning client is that it gets me out of the house and once I've achieved escape velocity, I can get errands done.

Then I bike home and fix myself a bowl of peaches and koldskal. Koldskal is good with other fruits, like cherries and strawberries, all berries, but peaches keep best so that's what I keep in the fridge.

Ideally after lunch I get to sit down to some desk work, including updating my flickr links and setting up my appointments for the week; but more importantly, I should get to write or study. Or I run around to meet with coaches committee and get my hair cut... but anyway same cooking practice, just different other stuff.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Egression #178

OMG this:

Makes me feel like this:

Via E!

178. Bullet Journal.

Hahaha. This is what I'm doing on break, changing over my notebook into a BULLET NOTEBOOK. Brb!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Early Fall Food Chart

Black coffee in bed.
Hard-boiled eggs with watermelon for work breakfasts.
Scrambled eggs with cantaloupe at home.
Baked chicken and roasted vegetables for work lunches.
Peaches and koldskal at home.
Cherry lime soda (!!) and mixed nuts for afternoon snack.
Ground meat, greens, and rice for pre-workout dinner.
Hello, old friend.
Beetlejuice for pre-workout drink.
Cococherry2O for workout drink.
Fruit, nut butter, and yogurt smoothies for post-workout snack.
Wine spritzer with Friday dinner.

Early fall, but finally it's hot out—and even if it wasn't, I always try to hang onto summer as long as I can—so the only changes are baked chicken and roasted vegetables for work lunches, because I burned right out on chicken jars nonononono this is not going to work, suddenly September decided to be serious about being summer and it's too hot to have the oven on, brb. And fish tacos continue not to happen so I threw in the towel again. By Friday I'm so tired, sometimes I stop by the grocery to pick up some odds and ends but then I'm totally spent and couldn't cook to save my life; so the sweetie man goes out for tacos while I fix myself my homeopathic drink, either a wine spritzer or a thing that I'm calling a malanciata (malort + aranciata), and let all the air out of my tires, and I'm loving it, so yeah.

Ultimate food chart! Always tweaking...
Early Fall food planner for the extremely detail-oriented.

Ahhh, the thing! That I want to do! I want to print out all these food charts and reconcile all the images and list, label, and link all the recipes that go with each chart. I keep picturing the white room that I need to do all this in, the giant table with all my papers spread out and taped to the wall—

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chicken Stock

chicken stock

So if you've been making chicken jars and saving rotisserie chicken carcasses all summer, and actually this will continue with baked chicken thigh bones all fall, you've been amassing ziploc bags of chicken parts in the freezer, so every once in a while you make a batch of stock to keep things under control. Sometimes I make soup straightaway with the stock, and sometimes I freeze the stock in containers; it's nice to have one or two frozen stocks on hand for when one of us gets sick.

I try to make a chicken stock when I've filled a gallon ziploc bag of parts, not only to keep the freezer under control but also because it's a manageable amount of stock. I'm aiming to make two quarts of finished stock, so I start with three quarts of water (which I measure with a quart mason jar, by the way). Also by the way, the apple cider vinegar is to dissolve more minerals out of the chicken bones, which is one of the benefits of consuming homemade chicken broth. Below are the standard vegetables I use for stock and generally always have on hand, but really you can throw anything in—once I did fennel instead of celery stalks, that was really delicious.

a gallon bag of saved chicken parts
three quarts water
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
an onion
three celery stalks
three carrots
a handful of parsley

Put chicken parts, water, and apple cider vinegar in a stock pot over high heat, bring to a strong simmer, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 2-3 hours.

Roughly chop onion, celery, and carrots, add to the stock pot, and simmer for another hour.

Ladle out as much chicken and vegetable as you can, then pour the broth through a cheesecloth-lined strainer into another pot. Let cool a bit and pour into containers.

Okay, now what? So actually I wouldn't use this stock for a classic chicken soup with, like, chicken and vegetables and maybe noodles; I'd do a quick chicken broth with the chicken that's going to end up in the soup for that, I'll write that up in a minute. The very easiest thing to do with this is to dice up the contents of a chicken jar or some baked chicken and roasted vegetables and toss it into the stock, or just toss whatever ground meat, greens, and rice or quinoa you have into the stock, heat it all up, et voila. Or if you have a bag of frozen vegetables on hand, you could try the oldest recipe in my book, good old creamed vegetable soup.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Egressions #176-177

177. Let's use the whole can of milk, though. Via Food52.

YOU GUYS this no-churn ice cream is so easy, and so good! Next I'm going to make chocolate ice cream with chocolate liqueur, and then green tea ice cream with I'm not sure what... do you think Midori would be good? Or gross. Or what if I just used vodka for everything, I think the alcohol is mainly to keep the ice cream from getting icy? I also have spiced rum. And malort, haha.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

State of the Blog
 summer 2014

Let's see.

The main thing that I'm excited and a little proud about is that I'm heading into the home stretch with my monthly food charts, a year in food charts! I. Am the only one excited about that. But what I've mainly been doing with this blog is developing a food system that works for me, if nobody else, and by George, I think I've got it. I mean, I think I've got it to the extent that I'm having thoughts about writing it up in a more permanent form, viz., a book. But what, party of one, your book is ready? It seems ridiculous, and still. I have these thoughts.

Possibly not unrelated to the above, blog stats have backed off from 400 hits per day to more like three hundred. Which I don't write this blog for the stats so isn't supposed to bother me...

but it doesssss, a little

but not enough for me to change what i'm doing

Just because you choose something doesn't mean that it's never going to bother you. You're going to end up never choosing if you're waiting around for that choice that's not going to bother you at all. Our lives are going to bother us from time to time.

So yes, I want to finish out the year with these inaccessible food charts and inapplicable cooking practices, and furthermore I want to take this whole year as my first draft and jump right into... a second draft. I've actually had thoughts about taking off A Whole Year from the blog to work on this book of food charts.

At the same time, there's so much more that I want to be writing for the blog. Like I wanted to be writing about habits all this year, and at this point I'm simultaneously triumphantly heading into the home stretch with food charts and throwing in the towel with habits, train go sorry Charlie, maybe next year? And sheesh, every other day, I'm writing in my head about why I don't like to focus on calories for food or fitness, or weight loss as a goal, or truthfully even fat loss as a goal, or slimming or sculpting any body part, not that I don't think those things work, just that they don't work for me and I want to work with things that work for me, and I want you to work with things that work for you, so the same sort of things should work for me and you for us to work together!


m: jaegger pilots!
p: hahahahahaha!

Though are are a lot more specifics that go with that, and those haven't gotten written not because I don't have time, but because I have been choosing to play derby and also pretty significantly rest for playing derby in the time that I might otherwise be writing everything that I want to say about everything.

And that's basically the state of the blog for now. As I grow older and wiser, I'm less and less inclined to predict how things will turn out, and more inclined just to do things and that's how they turn out. Second Wind is going through October, and I'm in for another home season that I think goes through March, and I guess I'll see how I feel then, if I feel like I want to do something different.

ETA: You know what? I'm going to take a break, this is when I used to take breaks after all. I have a chicken stock recipe and my early fall food chart in the pipeline, those can publish on their own. I might write up cooking practices for the month, then break for real until it's fall for real.

ETA 8/29/14: I was at peace with not reaching 10,000 hits in August, and in what I'm sure is a glitch or robots, yesterday at 11:00PM there were 1,905 hits. What is that, it's wrecking my graphs.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greek Yogurt Date Sesame Smoothie

greek yogurt date sesame smoothie

I use the Bella Cucina Rocket Blender to make my smoothies. Erk, my windowsill is so dirty. Can you see that it's wet?

But waiiit, I had one more idea for a smoothie before it gets too cold to drink smoothies, which given how cool this summer has been could be any minute now. Actually this is a good going into fall smoothie like this pumpkin smoothie, it's not as icy as a frozen fuit smoothie.

The idea came to me from here, woah, date halvah smoothie, that pretty much fits my fruit + nut butter formula, and woah, a jar of halvah costs thirty dollars?! Both of which I expressed on facebook to which Spunk responded, tahini, seven bucks. Off to the lab!

It actually took quite a few tries to get this right, frozen fruit is generally what I use to make smoothies cold and thick. Frozen dates don't blend well at all, and for that matter regular room temperature dates don't blend much better. I tried frozen banana but blech, I can always taste banana. I mean, it's okay if I want banana. I finally went with date paste for smooth, which does up the pain in the butt quotient a little bit, ice cubes for cold, and chia seed for thick.

The result is really, really, really good, very lush, with pure date and sesame flavors.

For the date paste:
pitted dates
boiling water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Roughly chop the pitted dates, pack them into a pint jar, and pour boiling water over them to cover. I let them soak for a few hours until the water cools to room temperature.

Dump the dates and water into the bowl of a food processor, add vanilla and salt, and process for 5-10 minutes until very smooth.

Put the paste back into the jar and refrigerate for up to three months. Haha, good luck with that.

For the smoothie:
two ice cubes
four big spoonfuls of greek yogurt
two spoonfuls of date paste
two spoonfuls of tahini
1 spoonful chia seed

For best results put an ice cube into the cup first, then the greek yogurt, then the other ice cube, then the date paste, tahini, and chia seed and then enough water to fill the cup. Screw on the cap, stick the cup on the motor base, and blend for 30 seconds. Then take it off the base and give it a little shake to get anything that's stuck on the top of the cup. Blend for another 20 seconds or until the smoothie is churning freely from top to bottom.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Girl Meets Wall
 which is a thing that happens

Welp, I had one more idea for a warm chicken and roasted cauliflower and tomato salad over avocado, and then I burned out on chicken jars for lunch, like, in the middle of lunch. When that happens, it is serious. Like I stopped eating my lunch halfway through and pushed it away. So I will put a pin in that for when it comes around again.

Onward to early fall!

Monday, August 25, 2014

// wash gear for love of god
\\ wash dishes
\ a little extra ice cream to use up leftover milk
/ Early Fall Food Chart

Do you want to know about my hieroglyphics? // is for errands, those are two legs walking, \\ is cleaning, those are two hands working, \ is cooking, that's a pot handle, and / is writing, that's a pencil.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Forty Seven!

forty seven!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So It's Just Not Gonna Happen Like That

p: ::sluuuuurp::

m: so how is the tiny straw.

p: well...

p: there's no danger with the tiny straw of accidentally sucking up unblended banana.

p: so there's that.

p: ::sluuuuurp::

p: actually you can quite effectively vacuum up around the unblended banana.

p: with no fear of it shooting into your mouth.

m: well, that's good.

p: yes, it's one of the most horrifying experiences of life.

I Bet You're Wonderin How I Knew


m: !

p: ...

p: i picked what i thought was a ball of thread off the couch.

p: but in fact it was a dead fly.

p: that's what that was all about.

p: i thought, what a strange texture for a ball of thread.

m: indeed it would have been.

p: either that or it's a raisin with wings.

Wine Spritzer

wine spritzer

I'm back on the sauce, wooooo!

For a time I was figuring out a different alcoholic drink for every season on my ultimate food chart and it wasn't working, it seemed dumb to make drinking into a habit if it wasn't happening on its own; but then, it did. Start happening. Don't worry, okay? Everybody who really knows me is Not Worried. Drinking has never worked for me, well, because my dad was an alcoholic, but also because I have an incredibly minuscule tolerance for alcohol. And I've never wanted to override the latter because of the former. Still it seems pleasant to drink and be mildly buzzed, I've never had that. I'm down for a little mind alteration now and again. And a few things have been coming together over the past couple years that have pointed me toward how to get that, viz., drinking mulled wine at Box and Brawla's Thanksgiving dinners, discovering Stiegl Radlers after Third Coast tryouts last summer, discovering prosecco and wine in general at Trouble's wine parties.

I drink comically little as it is—whoever sits next to me at the bar gets the other half of my beer—but I've discovered the trick is to drink even less than that, like homeopathic quantities of alcohol. Like wine instead of liquor in cocktails or for that matter, instead of wine.

Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon housecleaning with songza and wine spritzers. Here's my recipe for those of you who need your prosecco watered down with soda and ice.


Fill a glass with ice, fill half the glass with prosecco, and finish with aranciata.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Warm Chicken and Roasted Broccoli and Tomato Salad over avocado

warm chicken and roasted broccoli and tomato on avocado

The tomatoes disintegrated more than I wanted this time, I'm giving you the standard recipe below but telling you that I subbed out the red wine vinegar for disintegrated tomatoes and made tomato vinaigrette. Which was very good.

a head of broccoli
a red or yellow bell pepper
a pint of cherry tomatoes
three-quarters of 1/3 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
kosher salt
black pepper
a rotisserie chicken
avocados for plating

Heat oven to 500 degrees.

Trim and slice the broccoli, dice the pepper, and leave the cherry tomatoes whole. Toss lightly with olive oil and salt in a baking pan. Roast until vegetables are softened and a little bit charred, stirring occasionally, about twenty to thirty minutes.

Eyeball three-quarters of a third cup vinegar and then measure a third cup olive oil into the cup of a rocket blender, add a pinch of salt and some grinds of black pepper, and whirr it all together.

Take the breast and thigh meat off the chicken, saving the rest for snacks and soup, and cut it up into bite-size pieces.

Add the chicken to the vegetables when they are done, pour over the vinaigrette and toss thoroughly.

Obviously at this point, you can eat the salad over an avocado or whatever. I'm making this for my work lunches, so I divide salad between four jars.

To serve from the jar, heat the jar in the microwave for three minutes—be careful, the jar will be hot—and empty it over a peeled, halved avocado.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Late Summer Chart redux

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon
evening evening evening evening evening evening evening

Two tiny adjustments, though:

  • one client moved from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning
  • referees are back from break, Sunday evening
  • oh and, I'm leading learn to skate clinics for the league, those start Sunday afternoon after Labor Day
  • lol my house will never be clean, my clothes will always be in rags
  • might as well add another Saturday client, anybody?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Late Summer Saturday Cooking Practice

So now Saturday goes sort of like Sunday and Tuesday, the waking up and words and all that, and all I have to scramble some eggs and grab a melon jar out of the fridge.

scrambled eggs and avocado, tomato, and honeydew salsa

I was feeling fancy and made avocado tomato salsa with honeydew melon and jalapeno pepper. Just lightly dressed with key lime juice and salt.

Then I clean, whatever needs doing most. I have a huge list, but I hardly ever get to the list because now der schweetie is mannying three days a week so, hold the phone, I have been helping with the laundry. I am in charge of sheets and towels. How is there so much laundry, I don't know; but there is. He has been doing it single-handedly for six years, I really must get him a fruit basket.

This has put paid to my peaceful Saturday morning stretch and roll, but I don't mind. Cleaning is active; you get that, right? It's actually kind of sweaty, even. Because of the sweatiness, the best thing in the world after cleaning is to take a shower and then I mix up a fresh batch of koldskal, which goes like this:

  1. Whisk two eggs yolks with two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla in a pitcher.
  2. Whisk in two cups of greek yogurt, also known as half a container.
  3. Whisk in a pint of buttermilk and two tablespoons key lime juice.

Then I cut up a peach into a bowl and pour over some koldskal.

peaches and koldskal

Put the rest in a jar for next week.

Oh and, make Sunday's grocery list. Maybe even, hold the phone again, go out and get Sunday's groceries.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fish Tacos

fish tacos with brussels slaw, avocado, and tomato

Finally, fish tacos! Or fish taco salad I guess, I just make tacos on lettuce and these turned out kind of messy; so we ended up eating them with a fork.

To me, fish tacos are: fried fish, slaw, avocado, and tomato. On lettuce, but obviously you can put them on corn tortillas if you want. For the slaw, brussels sprouts are my go-to tiny cabbages, or possibly belgian endive would be nice too.

a head of boston or butter lettuce
six or nine brussels sprouts
a carrot
lime juice
1/2 lb tilapia
coconut oil for frying
an avocado
a tomato
kosher salt
black pepper

Separate the leaves from the head of lettuce, rinse, spin dry, and divide between two plates. We are making fish tacos for two.

Trim, halve, core—by core, I mean trim out the little stem of the sprout— and thinly slice the brussels sprouts. Peel and grate the carrot, and toss in a bowl with the sprouts. Whisk together about three spoonfuls of mayonnaise with enough lime juice to thin it a bit, pour the mayonnaise over the slaw, and toss together.

Dredge the tilapia in flour. Heat a good layer of oil in a skillet until it's shimmering, then lay the tilapia in the pan and fry for a couple minutes on both sides. Remove and drain on a couple layers of paper towel, then roughly chop into pieces.

Finally peel, pit, and slice the avocado and dice the tomato.

Layer a spoonful of slaw on each lettuce leaf, then fish, avocado, and tomato, and finish with a sprinkle of kosher salt and a couple grinds of black pepper.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cherry Lime Soda

cherry lime soda

This is my new favorite thing, I guess I'd say that I've quelled the Coke demon in the house at least. This is what I want to drink when I want to drink soda. If it's not around like when I'm at work or at a bar, then Coke gets in sometimes. But at work it's specifically when I've slept badly and can't think, and I've been ordering club soda and lime more when I'm out, or Stiegl Radlers; so it's not too much. Still Coke and popcorn at the movies, though.

club soda
tart cherry juice
key lime juice

Fill a glass mostly with club soda, then add a splash of tart cherry juice and a squirt of key lime juice.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Late Summer Tuesday Cooking Practice

Tuesdays start like Sundays, wake up, coffee, words, get up and tidy the bedroom and the kitchen. I still have watermelon jars in the fridge, but I'm standing here so whack whack whack some other melon, put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, and now instead of boiled eggs, I make scrambled eggs. VARIETY.

scrambled eggs and cantaloupe

Eventually I get up and set about making ground meat and greens, same as it ever was:

  1. Start either some Korean ground beef or Chinese ground pork in a saute pan.
  2. Also put on a pot of water for turnip or mustard greens.
  3. By the time you put the meat on the back burner to simmer for twenty minutes, the water should be boiling for the greens. Dump the greens into the boiling water, blanch for a few minutes, and then drain and run cold water over them. Grab them by the handful and squeeze dry, then slice and dress with a little sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar right in their container.
  4. When the meat is done, put it into its container.

greens and meat

The red pieces are beet greens, which I had extras of and just threw in.

turkey meatballs and green beans

Now and again I make turkey meatballs, I like slow-cooked green beans with turkey meatballs as a change from greens. These are not slow-cooked green beans, though, these are leftover Mon Lung's Szechuan green beans, so even better.

I do the end of week grocery list, whatever I need for fish tacos on Friday and a fresh batch of koldskal on Saturday.

Peaches and koldskal for Tuesday lunch, too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Late Summer Chart

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon
evening evening evening evening evening evening evening

Break's over!

So yeah, I'll be picking up Thursday for work at least through the end of summer:

  • sooo I bumped Thursday cleaning and tasks to Saturday
  • an okay amount of play and pastime desk work happens in those orange blocks, I'm happy enough with that. Actually lately a good amount of blog work has been happening when I'm eating breakfast or lunch, I guess obviously because I've just taken a picture of what I'm eating and might as well upload and process and write it up, just as relaxing as pinterest and more productive within certain tolerances of the words "relaxing" and "productive"
  • lol my poor clothes can't get the time of day, oh well
  • I've been blogging a bit at bedtime, too

More days working means more food to be covered in cooking practices, see those.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Late Summer Sunday Cooking Practice

Oh-bla-di, oh-bla-da, life goes onnn, brahhh!!!

Wake up usually by eight, get coffee in bed like the spoiled princess I am, do my words and email my clients, get up and tidy the bedroom and the kitchen, boil my eggs for the week, ten total now that I work four days a week, and whack whack whack cut up the week's watermelon. Or cantaloupe. Or honeydew melon, you know, ninety percent of all honeydew tastes like styrofoam, but if you can get an actual honey of a dew, it is really delicious melon. Put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, the timer goes off for the eggs, run cold water over them and peel two for the plate. Take the plate to the couch for breakfast.

hardboiled eggs and honeydew

I already scarfed an egg before I remembered to take a picture.

Eventually get up and put the eight other eggs into a carton to bring to work. I only have three jars; so I will need to re-up my melon jars later in the week, easy enough.

Then set about making chicken jars for the week. Lately I like the warm ones, they go like this:

  1. heat oven to 500 degrees
  2. trim and cut the vegetable du semaine, sweet or hot pepper, and cherry tomatoes, toss with olive oil and salt in a baking pan, and roast for 20-30 minutes
  3. blend a scant 1/3 cup vinegar with 1/3 cup olive oil in a rocket blender cup for vinaigrette
  4. take apart the rotisserie chicken, saving the excess in the freezer for stock
  5. when the veggies are done, pour over the vinaigrette and toss
  6. divide veggies between the four jars
  7. divide the chicken between the four jars
I need all four jars for my four days of work, so all of them go into the fridge.

warm chicken and roasted broccoli and tomato jars

I'm not hungry yet, anyway. I do Tuesday's grocery list. When I do get hungry, I tuck into a bowl of peaches and koldskal.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Egressions #168-169

168. LIFE-CHANGING crackers. Via My New Roots.
169. HELLO. Via Food52.

So I've been figuring something out about myself, there are things that I'm SUPER attracted to, like LIFE-CHANGING crackers, no seriously, those crackers look really really good, or basically every cocktail that I pin, but maybe particularly anything made with watermelon. I'm so attracted to them, but. The moment of truth when I'm facing down a bag of sunflower and pumpkin seeds is never going to find me dragging down the baking pan, and always going to find me eating the seeds out of the bag, and the same with watermelon. Almost always with the watermelon. Not saying that it's wrong to provide yourself with new taste sensations, not at all. Just that for me watermelon is good the way it is, and less work, and kind of better for you without tequila, that's where I always end up and I'm wondering, is this how it works? Like a whole class of things that I like to think about, that I experience through just thinking about them? That's a thing, right? I think it's a thing.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Late Summer Food Chart

Black coffee in bed.
Hard-boiled eggs with watermelon for work breakfasts.
Scrambled eggs with cantaloupe at home.
Chicken jars for work lunches.
Cherries (!) and koldskal at home.
Cherry lime soda (!!) and mixed nuts for afternoon snack.
Ground meat, greens, and rice for pre-workout dinner.
Beetlejuice for pre-workout drink.
Cococherry2O for workout drink.
Fruit, nut butter, and yogurt smoothies for post-workout snack.
Tart cherry soda and coco popcorn for Friday evening snack.

Mein gott, late summer already. Just a few changes this month.

So to keep things simple with my extra day of work, I'm doing eggs and watermelon or cantaloupe across the board, hardboiled for work, scrambled at home. Scrambled eggs and melon is very good, and even easier than avocado tomato salsa.

Cherries are in season now; berries would probably be good, too.

Feeling pretty full of fruit so if I need an afternoon snack, I switch it up with a glass of cherry lime soda and some mixed nuts.

Hello there, fish tacos! Recipe TK.

Just by the by, I'm not really eating coco popcorn for Friday after dinner snack. I could if I wanted to, but I haven't. So I just have a glass of tart cherry soda, pro tip, add a few squirts of key lime juice and you have cherry-lime soda, so good!

Ultimate food chart! Always tweaking...
Late Summer food planner for the extremely detail-oriented.

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