Monday, July 31, 2017

July Review

Well I said I would do one more of these, so I'm knocking this out to be done. with. it.


In the "above" layer, foot clinic. In the "below" layer, I keep rearranging the tops of my bookcases. No pic because they're not done yet; there's pothos up there now, the secret turned out to be terracotta pots to keep them from getting dried out.


Running and yoga, la la la. Down to every third week for therapy, that seems to be going fine and frees up some time. Not anything else done, though.

But look, I can do handstands now:

haha it's like the blair witch #handstand

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Ramping up very slowly studying for my orthopedic specialist certification, due in part to the aforementioned new client. She's a teacher and will be moving to evenings when school starts, so I'm not stressing about it; I'll go back to school in the fall like everybody else.


Going out

Sooo let's see, Sparty and I went to Mystic Waters with Flo and Annie on the 4th, I could float around that lazy river forever. Minerva hosted UFC 213, though Nunes vs Shevchenko was scrapped. A bunch of us went standup paddleboarding at 31st St Harbor, surely there is a picture of that about... ah there is, but embedding is turned off. The last Saturday of the month Sparty and I went to TS's dad's memorial and then a bunch of us went to see a magic show for Biggie's birthday. And then drinks with TS on Sunday night before she went back to Portland.

Haha, I have transcended the need to photograph my social life.

Staying in

I feel like I've also been staying in a lot and being crafty, mostly potting plants and cutting mirrored tiles out of CDs and gluing the tiles to yogurt containers for plant pots:

tadaaa i only severely burned myself once 🙌 #planter

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Welp! That's all she wrote! For now.