Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Review

Now we're cooking with gas, no whammies!

October's picks:


1. Clean kitchen to finish! Let's do this! Before the holidays!

Okay, no. But because reasons!

I did take a mighty cut at the front room though, omg sooo much better. Now it's an even more neatly, almost attractively stacked warehouse. The sweetie man continues to work on his project, which has been making for very harmonious home life :)


2. Review all (seis!) client charts, get all them straight in my head, and get them all situated in their slots in my schedule.
3. Read The Power of Posture, very stoked!

Done and done, and I also set up google calendars for all my clients to keep track of who's starting and finishing their sessions. This matters for cash flow, and also for desk work—i.e., who needs a workout written when. It's funny, the difference between four clients, which I had forever, and six. Four I could pretty easily keep in my head. Maybe my brain will grow and I'll learn to keep six in my head, but for now it takes more superstructure to keep them straight so that I'm not like a mom calling her kids by the wrong names.



4. Nom Phase I to finish.

Nooo, because reasons.


5. Actually watch when we're watching. If not, hey, do something else.

The CSI beast got out a little bit; but this like every indulgence is not about being banished, but being managed. Because sometimes the right thing to do at a given time of day is wind the fuck down, and CSI is good for that. It's important, actually, to communicate to yourself that you are a creature who ebbs and flows (and if you are a person who mostly ebbs, you would shift the emphasis to the right. The tricky part of this, high-flow people are hyperfocused on their ebbs and always think they need more flow. I can almost guarantee you that a person who calls herself lazy is working herself too damn hard. A true lazy person never thinks that he's lazy, and yes I totally did assign them genders. But, not sexes. This is a very hardworking paragraph! But ...does that mean lazy? Haha.)

I didn't really need to test this, but I have more test results that Cosmos >>>>>>> CSI for going to sleep at bedtime. Ahhh I love Cosmos, I'm finally almost done with the series. I probably can start back from the top, but I've learned from Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes and ASMR videos that things stop working when they get too familiar. So maybe I will switch to the new Cosmos on Netflix, but idk about that because I'm still mad at Neil DeGrasse Tyson about Pluto. This is not technically PASTIME, by the way, this is Sleep.

We've mostly been watching season four of Longmire, which is now out on Netflix, despite what I said about preferring movies to TV series. I really prefer one-off stories for TV series, though the trend for a while has been season-long—or even multiseason—story arcs. Aagh, a multiseason story arc: a movie is like two hours long, right? A TV season is like twenty-some episodes times forty minutes, so like thirteen hours. That's just too long of a story for me. That's the style nowadays, like I don't doubt that Breaking Bad is an artistic achievement but from episode one I knew that I couldn't commit so much time and feelings to that. There's an intermediate style where they lure me in with one-offs, but eventually the long story arc always snakes in. Longmire sort of seems like the opposite, it started with the long arc and kind of abruptly switched back to one-offs... like maybe somebody who actually makes TV shows was thinking about the stuff that I think about. The upshot being, I'm continuing with Longmire when I was thinking I could take it or leave it.

TV is interesting these days, TV is changing. TV is one of the things that makes me aware of the passage of time.

Moviewise we watched Snake Eyes because Shanna reminded me about the Nic Cage film festival project, and also The Bank Job because der schweet brought it up to backfill our ongoing Ouevre of Jason Statham project.


So, let's talk about these reasons. They were good reasons!

6. Taco Ride with Problem et al.
7. Long food date with wifey.
8. We Meat Again at the Aloha Palace a.k.a. Boxstone.

October was a huge month for seeing people, it was really great. And also, the inverse proportion between how much I see people and how much housecleaning and writing I get done was in full effect. C'est ├ža. If I'm going with the Biggie paradigm (one month on, one month off), that means November will be OFF; but there's that momentum (and also the holidays), we're invited to a fall chili night and wine party next week. And the round robin bout is coming up.

Haha, I guess I'm not going to talk about them. This post is long enough. Each of those could be a long post on its own, with pics. Idk, do I want to document my life that way? Maybe? Maybe not.

November Picks


1. Clean kitchen to finish?


2. Last neurologist appointment!


3. Revisit muscles and movement, per The Power of Posture.
4. Maybe one admin project per month, maybe order postcards.


6. Nom Phase I to finish?
7. Not to mention, alla Poppy is changing. Maybe pay a little mind to that.

8. Longmire season four to finish.

9. Chili weeknight at the Aloha Palace.
10. Wine party.
11. WCR round robin.

Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Kevin!

happy birthday kevin

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Do You Wanna Taco Bout Day Breakfast

fresh apple clafouti with greek yogurt and toasted slivered almonds

Fresh apple clafouti with greek yogurt and toasted slivered almonds, served on the tray that I can now get to since Power 30 convinced me to throw away the two trash bags' worth of egg cartons that I had been compulsively saving on top of the tray on top of the refrigerator.

Taco ride today!!! I am soo not going to make it to Don Pedro by 11, still in my pajamas...