Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Two More Presents!

cocky belt bucklea list of things to do


  1. Cocky belt buckle - This is my present from the sweetie man! Hahahahahaha, omg it is so perfect on like eighteen different levels.
  2. A list of things I will eventually do in no particular order - A surprise present from my milk toof twin, Joanie Utah! I'm Ickle, and she's Lardee. And we both love lists.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

p: i don't want to see any of these

p: here's what it is

p: pretty much the only thing i would definitely leave the house to see

p: would be marvel

m: even thor?

p: oh definitely thor!

m: gotta see him on the big screen ::pantomines thor lol::

p: that reminds me!

p: we could watch vikings tonight

m: we could watch vikings

p: like chinese and vikings

m: no kimchee pancake?

p: we could have kimchee pancake

p: chinese and vikings is funnier though

m: it is funnier

m: and the vikings discovered asia

p: ...

p: they did not!

p: they discovered america

m: same difference

m: the land bridge

m: the westernmost part of asia

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Xmas!

merry xmas

Eight Presents

helmet liners wrist guardselbow pads knee padscardigan puffy coattights wheels

ZERO problem filling my cart this year, I have been needing a lot of stuff!

  1. S-One Lifer helmet liners - I really like my Lifer helmet, much better actually than I ever liked my hockey helmet. But, the liners do compress with wear and have to be replaced. I fear that not replacing mine may have contributed to my eye eating track, which is my own fault! So I ordered replacement liners, and as long as I was doing that I ordered three sets of them.
  2. 187 Killer wrist guards - I haven't bought new gear in a shamefully long time, like maybe 2011? This is just me replacing what I like.
  3. 187 Fly elbow pads - Samesies, I get the Fly instead of Killer elbow pads because they're cheaper and ::jinx hex:: I never fall on my elbows.
  4. 187 Killer knee pads - Samesies!
  5. Lands End Drifter red cardigan - I haven't updated you with this critical piece of information, I finally got a work cardigan that I don't hate, i.e., this cardigan in black. Now that I work more days a week, I need more sweaters. So I got this in red.
  6. Lands End black puffy coat - Eeee! This is the best, you know I didn't have a winter coat for riding my bike in. Just layers and layers of hoodies under my Fury track jacket. But TMI in a boring sense, this saves my hoodies from getting flat and cold from being worn outside and they stay fluffy and warm for inside. Also when I get sick of winter, what I'm sick of is putting on all those damn layers. This coat is so thin! It's so warm! I still layer it under my Fury track jacket, and it's just right.
  7. Mondor cotton tights - Just getting a few more of the best tights ever because of the aforementioned working more days a week. The six pairs I got two years ago are holding up great and still look practically brand new.
  8. Crazy Control wheels - I also haven't bought new wheels in ever, probably also 2011. I've been swapping the three sets of my good old Jukes around to squeeze more life out of them, but it's just time for them to give up the ghost. So then I was researching new wheels, the whole wheel landscape has changed since I last looked! Which made my brain fold over, so I just bought these wheels by Crazy Skates because I liked their little scheme. And also, I love my Crazy Skates toe stops. Anyway they come in three hardnesses: Rewind which is 90, Play which is 93, and Fast Forward which is 96. I've been skating on 95/97s and as long I was getting it done, I went ahead and got a set of 93s and 96s to try them out in relation of each other. Last Sunday I tried the 96s, first at learn to skate where I slid out a bit demonstrating a 10-sec one lap, and then lol jamming in scrimmage where I wiped out a couple times trying to quick stop behind the pack. Next Sunday, the 93s! Brb!

In truth I also need a humidifier, and also more kinesiotape, and maybe a happy light? And I've been looking at getting some sort of Kindle or tablet. And xmas presents for my nephew and niece, and also a birthday present for my nephew, his birthday was in November... ah well, I'm as good as I am, I accept myself...

Eight Presents 2014: Where Are They Now?

So insanely busy at the end of last year, updating this slipped through the cracks!

  1. Oh god tell me that I didn't buy all new gear three months before I retired from roller derby for good.
  2. I totally did.
  3. Didn't I.
  4. Yup.
  5. This sweater is totally clutch.
  6. This puffy coat is almost too good, it's blown up my whole outerwear scheme because I only want to wear this.
  7. These are the best tights ever.
  8. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eggnog Jars

eggnog jars

To Spartakris' house we go...

We're going to Friendmas Eve at Sparty's house this year, so no Chinese takeout. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight we're having pasta and meatbaaallllls, and lots of other stuff. I made this eggnog, it's Clyde Common's Better Eggnog from Food52, halved and I used agave instead of sugar. Because tequila! I also reduced the alcohol a bit, because me. I don't like eggnog that you can take the paint off cars with. Anyway it's true, this is a very drinkable eggnog. Kind of dangerously drinkable, that's why I only made two quarts. I need to think of how to use up the rest of this tequila and sherry, so that I'm not making eggnog for myself all winter.

Re: mixing this, I found that my mixer didn't beat the eggs well enough and my food processor was too small—for this amount, anyway. So in the end I went with the soup pot and immersion blender, like he says.

6 eggs
1 cup agave
4-1/2 oz aƱejo tequila
6 oz amontillado sherry
18 oz milk
12 oz cream
nutmeg for garnish

In a pot, blend the eggs with an immersion blender until smooth. Add in rest of the ingredients except the nutmeg, and blend until everything is incorporated. Pour into quart-size mason jars and refrigerate at least four hours.

Serve with nutmeg sprinkled on top. Or I like to shake it with some ice in a pint-size mason jar, sprinkle with nutmeg, and stick a straw in.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lights On

lights on

Some years you lay the tree skirt on the table and the ornaments on the skirt and you say, We're not having a tree this year.

I'm conflicted about the tree, anyway. And I love our yule log, which the sweetie man maaade.

I did manage to make Kevin his own stocking, er, mitten. So there's that.

So there's that is my tagline for this winterval.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I've Made A Huge Mistake


Ha ha! So, THAT happened.

Let me tell you something that Myra told me when I was in therapy, say there's a hole in the street that you keep walking into. My favorite part about this metaphor is that I actually did walk into a hole in a street once, of course I did, that is absolutely the sort of thing that I do. When I'm walking breathlessly next to a boy I have a secret crush on. Onnnne hundred percent me. ANYWAY I only ever literally walked into a hole once, but figuratively, yeah, over and over. At first you're not aware of the hole at all, and finally you have an epiphany: this is a hole. Then it happens again and you think, I think this is the same hole. And now that you know that the hole is a thing, the next thing that you do is ...walk into the hole. Even after you're aware of the hole, even after you're aware that you're doing something that finds you in the hole, it still takes a lot of finding yourself in the hole again and again before you're aware that you're doing that thing RIGHT NOW—ah, dammit. And then there's a lot of stuff after that, which I'm not even up to.

Where I am is like a frog in a pot over low heat, getting myself into hot water in slow motion. Which is an improvement, credit where credit's due, over diving into hot water like I used to. What I've been doing for the past six weeks, or six months, who knows, is gradually doing more and more, more work, more clients, more workouts, learn to skate clinics, ref practices, but where I think I specifically went wrong was that I added strength training in my offseason and then when home season started back up, I added skate practices back in but didn't subtract anything. The upshot of which was, I think I might not have had a single day off for like twelve weeks. And that was me, unaware, doing the thing that finds the track with my face. Again.

Ah well. My face is already healed up! And I rejiggered my chart, so I have Saturdays off:

morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon
evening evening evening evening evening evening evening

In all honesty my face is healed up, but a lot of the rest of me is a mess. Not having to do with the injury, but with the stuff that led up to the injury. That was just before Thanksgiving, after which I had two weeks of happily wallowing in sloth. And two weeks after that, I can't get myself out like the sad diorama at La Brea. Which is a known issue at this time of year, so the thing to do is not panic. So that's what I'm doing right now, not panicking.