Sunday, March 24, 2019

Crossing The Streams

full disclosure: i woke up this morning and thought i'm getting sad, this going into the office on sunday is wearing me down. saturday i have to hop to and get stuff around the house done, i have no day where i can just lie around. why is it necessary again to climb twice a week? are you being honest with yourself, is it the climbing or are you stealth trying to get work done. i legit need to get some shit done before tomorrow that i ran out of time friday for.

but i got up, just to see how it would go. it's going fine. i wanted to return some leggings to old navy that didn't fit and got cheaper cuter leggings, so that made me happy and now i've already walked two miles today. i haven't started work yet, i'm just chilling drinking my cardamom coffee and about to read my reader. i might put up my hooks in my closet, which will be boss. maybe i'll read, put up my hooks, and then eat my lunch. then settle in to get shit done. then climb!

however, your concerns have been duly noted. in theory you should be able to take a sunday to just lay around, so we're looking to see if every single sunday you feel like you can't. and sundays when you have plans with other people don't count, because you know you will take time off for other people and not so much "just" for yourself

haha crap now i want to put that on my blog so i can find it later, so now i have to go back in change it all to sentence case. BAH SEZ WHO

[ETA: I think part of me knows that even an easy thing like putting up Command hooks actually does take an hour that I don't have, or that I would not be able to quiet my brain to do, during a work day. (Especially when you put the hook for your running bag too high and have to move it lower, WHICH YOU CAN because Command.) But if you can't quiet your brain on a Sunday morning, when can you? Sunday morning is for quieting your brain. It's the time to put up Command hooks that will make you happy every damn day that you grab your climbing gear or pick a thing on a string to wear. Oh, I can include a photo! Brb.]