Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Play Outerwear

fall play outerwear

Key elements of fall play outerwear involve however many layers of track jacket, small black hoodie, and fury track jacket are needed for the weather. The kind of thing that gets me excited is promoting small black hoodie to play outerwear, small black hoodie got no love last season when convict and camo hoodies came on the scene. And you know what else I found in my closet, Buffy hoodie. Man, I love Buffy hoodie! I will wear Buffy hoodie for winter. My basic fashion ethos is, Wear everything that you have.

No hat for play outerwear, because play is basically synonymous with skating and I'm already wearing my skate bandana, and also play is synonymous with biking and I'm wearing my bike helmet. Unless it's raining or Kola and I need to have a captain's meeting in the mobile office, I bike to practice. I never bike to work, but sometimes I bike to pastime and then I get confused what to wear.

Every season I get those two-packs of Xhiliration gloves from Target for two dollars, cut the fingers off one pair for fall and keep the other pair for winter. The fingerless ones gradually unravel, and the sweetie man suggested them I could hem them—but they're two dollars, actually they're one dollar because they're two dollars for two pairs. It is the best bargain in all of fashion. Also I always lose gloves, I don't want to lose a pair of gloves that took four hours to hem all the little fingers and thumbs.

No scarf for play outerwear, because both track jackets zip up to the chin.

But for biking, I have this extra layer of stretch pants to keep my legs warm in transit. They're perfect, just a thin layer because you warm up after a few blocks.