Monday, October 31, 2011

October Diet Quality Card
 work days

october diet quality card

My diet is kind of a car wreck right now, especially on work days. This isn't even the worst it was, I probably only managed pasta and chicken for lunch for half the month and had Potbelly sandwiches for the other half of the month. With chips and Coke, naturally. That's how the demon Coke got back in, I finally girded up my loins to bring my lunches again and that was going to stop me from grabbing a Coke when I was out. And right then my nice employer started stocking the fridge with free Coke. Aughhh, I am too weak for that kind of temptation...

Even besides that, I have way fallen off the whole wheat pasta wagon. I like whole wheat pasta all right, but white pasta is nom nom nom. I think the sweetie man accidentally picked up a packet of white spaghetti probably a few weeks ago and now when he goes to the store I whisper you know sweetie this spaghetti isn't whole wheat into my sleeve.

I have too much work to doooo, I can't keep up with my nutrition...