Tuesday, October 18, 2011


my closet

My closet, I may have told you, is two sets of aluminum utility shelves that fit actually perfectly in the alcove at the back of my bedroom. I bought three sets, actually, and cannibalized the third set for extra shelves. My closet used to be the little (walk-in, sigh) room under the stairs; but in the grand tradition of the man always getting a room of his own, the sweetie man got the room under the stairs when he moved in.

I love my closet, though. I like my bedroom more with my closet back there, it used to be a weird empty space where nothing fit. And the sweetie man added a bar over the shelves where I can hang shirts in front of the creepy crawl space—when I first moved into this apartment, I used to lie in bed obsessively looking at the creepy crawl space and feeling like it was the observation window from the episode of Star Trek TNG where Picard gets mistaken for a god—and also some hooks where I can hang my long and medium-length coats and dresses. It's really a totally efficient use of space.

Except for the fact that I keep growing out of my skirts and pants, I hardly add things to my closet. In fact I subtract a lot more, I really feel like I have more than enough clothes.

I was supposed to go to boot camp Thursday night, but I've been doing that thing where my practices keep ticking up and last week I did eight. I mean, four of them were practices I led. Still with boot camp, I was headed for six this week and I really, really need for five to be the norm. So I got home from work and changed into my pajamas and asked the I-Ching if it was okay to have a night in, and the I-Ching said that I should put on the brakes before going forward. I'm not making that up, it actually said put on the brakes. But it also said that I shouldn't slack off, I decided that meant I should reorganize my closet so the left side would be clothes for sleep and work and the right side would be clothes for hobby, play, and pastime. So now it is, organized. So now my underwear and sock bins for hobby and play and pastime are right underneath the clothes.

My hats and gloves and scarves are still a terrible jumble, and so are my shoes. Hats and gloves and scarves are my project for this fall and winter.