Monday, October 3, 2011

Fried Eggs and Oatmeal
 with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

fried eggs and oatmeal with tomatoes and mushrooms

I actually prefer fried leftover to freshly cooked oatmeal, I got the idea from Make Room! Make Room! Which is the book that the movie Soylent Green is based on, I'd like to think that I'm the first food blogger to bring you recipes from Soylent Green...

Probably less than a year ago, the idea of savory oatmeal freaked me right out. Now savory oatmeal is the new black, I've seen it all over. Though I don't want oatmeal with just chives and soy sauce, I need to be eating actual vegetables. Just like I eat sweet oatmeal with the fruits and the nuts, and not just brown sugar. My go to veggies for this are cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, and baby spinach. They basically rotate through my refrigerator, and I pair them up for different flavor combinations.

Let me tell you what about fried tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast, the British know what's up with breakfast—

olive oil
leftover cooked oatmeal
cherry tomatoes
button mushrooms
two eggs

Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat. I put away my leftover oatmeal in a square takealong container, I just slice off a couple 1/2 inch slices and put them in the skillet to fry up. If you fry them nicely like not moving them until they crust on the bottom and carefully flipping them, you can make crispy oatmeal sticks.

It's usually too early for that for me, though. I don't mind eating mush.

I halve about five tomatoes and thickly slice five mushrooms, and put them in the skillet with the oatmeal. Then I do some dishes to keep myself from harassing my breakfast, it just needs a few minutes to get nicely browned.

Then I crack a couple eggs in the skillet, let them fry a bit and then dribble in just a little water from the kettle and cover the skillet to steam the tops of the eggs. If you want nice oatmeal sticks, you should take them out before you steam the eggs.

When the eggs are cooked to your liking, get it all out of the skillet with a spatula.