Friday, September 30, 2011

September Diet Quality Card
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september diet card

Slightly shifting the diet quality cards to the end of the month, so I can review how I have actually been eating for the month and not so much project how I hope to eat.

So upping my protein intake actually does mean that I don't need an afternoon snack, I'm full longer... only. Only aagh, I can't stop drinking Coke. And I don't keep Coke in the house; if I want a Coke, I have to put on my shoes and walk to the gas station for my fix. And every afternoon, I fidget in my chair and then the next thing is my shoes are on. I've been trying this week to stay conscious and choose not to put on my shoes and all I have to say is, I do not ever want to get hooked on heroin.

Also what the hell happened to my fruit consumption. Partly it's that I have vegetables for breakfast now, I am A-OK with vegetables for like the first time ever. I guess it's also that I'm supposed to be having post-workout smoothies, but lately I can only manage a bowl of raisin bran and almonds. I would not stoop so low as to count the raisins in raisin bran as a fruit serving. Smoothies would cover both fruit and essential fat servings. So would peanut better apples, I used to eat an apple every day and all of a sudden I stopped. I don't know why.