Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Work Outerwear

fall work outerwear

So outerwear is my project this fall and winter, outerwear as its own outfit. What coat for what season goes with what hat and what scarf and what gloves, decide now and save a hundred decisions all winter about this orange scarf going or not going with this grey coat that does or doesn't have purple undertones. And by a hundred decisions I mean that I decide every time that the orange scarf doesn't go with the grey coat that does have purple undertones, and wear it anyway. Then do it all over again, like putting on a coat and a scarf is a Sisyphean task.

The coat that I'm wearing for fall is my ex-husband's leather jacket. A lot of things that I don't have anymore, I know he has two of. Like why didn't I take at least one strainer or the other vacuum cleaner, because I was busy making sure that I had three different translations of The Iliad and this leather jacket.

The maroon armwarmers are prized possessions that I think came from Gaye Abandon in Melbourne. I think that's where. They were a gift from my esteemed friend Az who also is from Melbourne. Yes, here is a very similar pair. So cute, and they're so warm...

The black pinstriped scarf is from Urban Outfitters, I don't usually shop there but I was caught out in a snowstorm and needed something to wrap my head. Normally I wear knitted scarves. I mean, I knit them. Scarves. This flannel is a very nice weight for fall, though. Meine upholdski und frau T.S. Helliot has this same scarf, soooouuulmates...