Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mid-Winter Sunday Cooking Practice
 veg puree
 a glitch in the matrix

Today's post is a glitch in the matrix, where it shows that I'm actually a month ahead of the cooking practices that I post. I did do veg puree for early winter and winter Sunday cooking practices, which were December and January, and now that it's February I'm in late winter where there is no Sunday cooking practice anymore, becausssse I made Second Wind and now my Sundays are different.

I can't imagine that you're actually trying to follow along with my cooking practices, though. They're not here as turnkey solutions, they're here as examples of how I customized my cooking practices to the demands of my schedule. If you wanted to do something like this, you would look at your schedule and take it from there.

Anyway pretend, this month's Sunday cooking practice is just like last month's. Even though actually something else is going on.