Thursday, February 27, 2014

State of the Blog
 winter 2014

when odie met ivy

When Odie Met Ivy.

Welp, what is going on around here.

I'm back on my blog and blog break schedule, I am about to go on break. I blog Monday through Thursday with Friday egressions pretty much for the first two months of the quarter, so January and February, and then I take about a twenty-day break in the third month of the quarter, so I will be on break in March.

However, I have started these new monthly food chart (just the most recent posts under this label) and cooking practices series and will post a late winter food chart next week and cooking practices the week after that. But you know, glitch in the matrix, these posts have already been written, words from the past, and at this moment, not when I am writing but when you are reading this, I am on a sunny beach with an umbrella drink, well, in my mind.

Also you will get a bout day breakfast during my break, because there is a travel team bout in March and I am on a travel team. I mean, I was on a travel team last summer. But now I am on a travel team that plays in March.

The effects of which on this blog I am still observing, so we will see about that. Maybe it won't be Monday through Thursday et cetera.

Actually I have two March bouts, The Fury is playing in Madison. I must remember to pack my camera.

The other thing I've done around here is clean up the labels in the sidebar, there are three ways to find stuff around here: 1) I still have some work to do on this, but specific series like "12 Things Happy People Do Differently" or "slow chicken" are labeled in the sidebar. 1a) Drink, breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner are also labeled, but let it be known that these labels are individualized to what I eat at those mealtimes, so you won't find eggs for dinner or starches hardly anywhere else but dinner, not that there's anything wrong with eggs or starches anytime you want, just that this blog is set for how I do, figuring that I'm still the main person who reads it. 2) Every little thing, though, like all the instances where you could find greek yogurt, are not labeled, that's what I'm been cleaning up, trying to make looking for labels less like looking for a needle in a haystack. For individual instances, you could try the search box over the labels, but I will tell you, sometimes it works and sometimes it will say that there are no results for quinoa and I'll be like YES THERE ARE, YOU BASTARD SEARCH BOX. So honestly 3) sometimes the best search is good old Google, just "alla poppy" and whatever you're searching for. You want to ask, Are you going to upgrade the search function? And really the short answer is, No. And the slightly less short answer is, This blog is good enough for me the way it is. And the somewhat long answer is, Remember that everything is a good servant but a poor master, except you, you're the master and the first thing about being a good master is to be the master and not let your servants be the masters.