Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mint Tea and Dates Stuffed With Peanut Butter

mint tea and dates stuffed with peanut butter

This is another of Sarge's crazy inventions! If you're counting, Sarge's crazy inventions so far have been 1) green meanie smoothie with chocolate and spinach, 2) stretching smoothies into winter by drinking them in the bath, and now this 3) dates stuffed with peanut butter, which she told me tasted like FUDGE, and which I forgot about forever and then I remembered and oh my god. And then the sweetie man accidentally made me mint tea instead of green tea, and all of it together tastes like MINT FUDGE.

s: HAHA!! smoothies and dates, oh my! my derby name should have been albert heinstein.
p: OMG
p: unretire!
s: i'll come back as alberta heinstein and wear glasses with the nose and mustache attached. no one will know!
p: your number can be EMC2
s: we are killing it here.