Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Play Wear

screened tank tops

Ahhh I finally bit the bullet and am 100% stocked on play wear, remember the formula is:

(n x 2) + 2

So I needed five more bandanas, two more white tanks, four more black tanks, and six more black leggings, now I have twelve of everything except for black boyshorts because Hanes doesn't make them anymore, aargh would I be wearing boyfriend underwear if I wanted pink even black boyshorts, I found black nylon Gilligan & O'Malley boyshorts at Target, two pairs for seven dollars!

I don't know why I'm able to get more stuff like this done, maybe just because I'm not studying so much. Maybe because the vague desire finally resolved into a discrete list of things to do: get bandanas from Joann, get tanks from Old Navy, get leggings from Target, glower at Hanes website. Also screen name and number on tanks, and also argh rip out the stupid side tags and resew the sides. Why would you put side tags on tagless tanks? Last season I ripped out a side tag with my bare hands in the middle of practice and left the hole in the side all season, not to mention all the tags in the rest of the tanks. I think vague desire gently wears away at your mind or possibly your soul, like what they say Coke does to your teeth. Now I have timetracker, which more than anything is like a task garage, and a list of tasks like little matchbox cars to drive into their little spaces.