Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Pastime Outerwear
 outerwear conclusion

winter pastime outerwear

Here's the blue hat with my dickies jacket! It's a lot better than my WCR hat with this jacket, right? And my orange infinity scarf for when it's really cold, it's hugely thick. For when it's not as cold, I wear my orange Fury scarf that Viral's grandmother knitted for the whole team. Also I don't know if you've seen these, I got blue knit gloves. They're two gloves, blue/black fingerless gloves over blue gloves so I can layer them as needed.

So I'm set for outerwear for the forseeable future:

black leather jacket
mushroom fleece coat
red knit hat black pinstriped scarf
purple infinity scarf
skinny green scarf
maroon armies
red knit gloves
camo and convict hoodies black jersey hats - black jersey armwarmers
Fury track jacket
- black Buffy hoody
- black Spock hoody / black hoody
- black WCR track jacket
black WCR hat black fleece neckwarmerblack fingerless gloves
black knit gloves
orange fleece paws
black WCR dickies jacket blue slouch hat orange infinity scarf
orange Fury scarf
blue/black fingerless gloves
blue knit gloves

Great Scott, Buffy hoody has gone missing. I must have left it somewhere (:[ this apartment just isn't that big, I would have found it by now. Pooh. Oh well, I still have one black hoody too many.

Work Outerwear
Black leather jacket, black pinstriped scarf, and maroon armies
Black leather jacket, red hat, black pinstriped scarf, and red gloves
Mushroom coat, red hat, purple infinity scarf, and red gloves
Black leather jacket, skinny green scarf, and maroon armies

Hobby Indoor Outerwear
Camo or convict hoody, black hat, and black armwarmers

Play Outerwear
Fury track jacket, black hoody, track jacket, and fingerless gloves
Fury track jacket, black hoody, track jacket, WCR hat, gloves, and orange paws

Pastime Outerwear
WCR dickies jacket, blue slouch instead of WCR hat, and blue/black fingerless gloves
WCR dickies jacket, blue slouch instead of WCR hat, orange scarf, and blue gloves

I also have a brown barn jacket that I could wear for fall or spring, and a brown chenille long coat for winter. I almost never wear the barn jacket, but I do wear the long coat with long dresses on occasion. Not too much need for a long or warm coat because I don't leave the house that much to be honest, and when I do I'm only outside for ten seconds between inside and the train and then the train and inside. Or I'm on my bike and riding a bike warms you up, and also snowsuit.