Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Using Preserved Lemon

preserved lemon

Hooray, my lemons are ready! It worked out fine to cut the lemons all the way through into sixths. How they turn out is the rinds are a bit soft and the pulp is jellyish. Not gelled, I guess a less nice description is mushy.

To use, I fished out six pieces, i.e., a lemon. Most directions I read said to rinse off the lemon, but I always have to find things out myself—yeah, should have rinsed. I made a slow chicken with preserved lemon and fennel, it wasn't over the edge of too salty but it was right at the edge; it could stand to be pulled back a bit. So rinse the pieces, most directions also say to discard the pulp but that it can be used; so I use that. For slow chicken, I chopped the lemon finely and used it for the aromatic. It's very flavorful, salty and lemony. I am going to try it minced for the slow salmon I'm working on.

I put up a jar of preserved oranges, too! They should be ready by Groundhog Day.