Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Chapter Three Remember
 The Meaning Of Romance

p: do you know what i want?

m: what.

p: i want to make...

m: ...


p: a winterval grimoire.

p: sigh.

m: what.

p: you what what would have been perfect.

m: what.

p: that really fancy sketchbook that i threw out.

p: i thought i was never going to use it.

m: you mean the one in the pile of books that i was supposed to take to the ark?

p: yes.

p: oh well.

p: wait, what?

m: i saved it.

p: you have it?

p: c-c-can i have it b-b-back?

m: well, that's why i'm telling you.

leather bound sketchbook that i am going to make into a winterval grimoire