Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Play Outerwear

winter play outerwear

Look here's me fronting like I waited for it to snow to start wearing my snowsuit, everybody is so sick of me in this snowsuit already and it's only January. I will be wearing this through March, bitches. I am warm for the first time in my life.

Underneath is just play wear, which is in a state of dire emergency. I finally biked to Target to replenish my leggings and they are out of stock in my size, in store and on line. No, that's not true. They had one medium pair in BLACK SNAKESKIN, holla, those are going to be my bout leggings. At least I will not be skating in rags in public. And I also picked up two new work skirts, so I'm covered, ba ha, at work. What am I talking about, what lies beneath the snowsuit. Play wear, WCR track jacket as a sort of waistcoat, snowsuit, Buffy hoody, Fury track jacket.

For biking in winter, black knit gloves under my orange paws. Usually no hat, just my bandana and bike helmet. But it was cold getting my picture taken. No scarf, because the track jacket zips up and the hoody and the other track jacket.

And new snow boots! They're Lands End snow trekker boots; they were on sale, they're perfect with my snowsuit (also from Lands End), and they complete my winter shoe collection. Better shoe pics TK.

Moment of silence for my old snow boots, which I had for well over ten years and the soles still look like new, but I mended the uppers last winter and they wouldn't be mended again. Be not afraid old boots, I am going to make you into glitter boots.