Monday, January 16, 2012

P is for Pomodoro

pomodoro in use

Here is pomodoro in use in its Bonne Maman cone of silence. Or at least it takes the edge off when the timer rings and I'm immersed in my work. I can still hear it ticking in there, though.

So I have an idea for an alphabet book, except it's all words that start with P. What, it's my favorite letter! Not that you want to be the kid whose initials are pee pee. I own it now, though. Yeah. I seriously have a thing for things that start with the letter P, do you want to see my list?

* Persephone
* pigs
* especially pigasuses
* poppies

And now:

* pomodoros

In other words, I was destined for pomodoro technique. You can read about the actual pomodoro technique here, the entire book is available as a free download. I only do the basics of pomodoro technique: set a timer for 25 minutes, work until the timer rings, take a 5 min break, repeat 3x then take a 30 min break. Ish. I don't always take the breaks. Getting started is what I have a problem with, the pomodoro is great for that. Once I'm in though, I don't want to come out; so sometimes, I just reset the pomodoro for another 25 minutes. The book says not to, but I do.

I started out using Timerrr but do you know, I think timerrr only rings the first time it's set. I dunno, I feel like it wasn't reliable. Having an actual tomato timer works for me: it's cute, and it ticks. It was cheap, too. It checks out with me that winding up the timer is like winding myself up to work, ticking means that I'm working.

Every other pomodoro or so, I do take a break for a little workout. I call these my pomodoro workouts. Little means little, five minute workouts—TK.