Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bones of the Hip


What bones are at this joint?

The bones at the hip are the three bones of the pelvic girdle, ilium, ischium, and pubis, and the femur, the head of which fits into a cup-shaped space on the pelvis called the acetabulum.

Please excuse, Mr. Skeleton's pelvis is still not quite right with regard to the three pelvic bones, the ilium is the flat piece of bone up there and the ischium is the outside bottom and the pubis is the inside top of that looped bit underneath.

What type of joint is this?

This acetabulofemoral joint is a synovial ball and socket joint.

What body part moves this joint?

I'm gonna say that the meat that does the work at your hip joint is your hip and your butt, since most of the muscles that work at the hip originate from the pelvis.

What body part is moved at this joint?

So we are talking about is how muscles in your hip and butt move your upper leg or thigh at the hip.