Friday, January 6, 2012

First Contact

p: would you rather be a polaron beam or a tachyon beam?

m: i really don't care.

p: you would never just say "polaron beam" or "tachyon beam," would you.

m: no.

p: would you rather be vulcan or borg?

m: …

m: i don't care.

m: i suppose vulcan.

p: i would rather be vulcan.

p: would you rather be chakotay or tom paris.

m: chakotay.

p: would you rather be me or you?

m: i can't answer that question.

p: why can't you answer that question?

m: i am not awake enough for the level of introspection required to answer that question.

p: ...

p: vampires are very old.

p: and old people don't have teeth.