Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Diet Quality Card

january diet card

This is a Thursday, on a Tuesday I would be eating tacos de lengua from Taco Burrito Express for dinner and watching Voyager. Thursday I work and then I have scrimmage.

Did I tell you this already? That I'm trying to cut carbs from breakfast and lunch and put them towards dinner and post-workout snack? Let me tell you something, I believe in carbs. I silently freak out when I hear people aren't eating carbs, silently because believing is not knowing and I'm my father's daughter in almost every regard but not evangelical. But believing is believing, I believe in carbs for derby and worry about people who go without. That said, I don't think I need quite so many carbs.

Basically, in four meals:

  • whole wheat bagel and cream cheese for breakfast - so yeah, I have to do something about this. It's really a matter of convenience, I don't love bagels. I just don't know what else. I could trade up to oatmeal, that's still carbs but better carbs than bagels. Greek yogurt would solve everything, but it's too cold for yogurt.
  • slow chicken and steamed vegetables for lunch - this is really working for me, I got the idea of eating a bag of Steamfresh frozen vegetables from this story about this nerd girl powerlifter. Though I cannot eat the whole bag of vegetables, which is just as well because I eat half on Tuesday and the other half on Thursday. They're pretty okay for frozen vegetables, and now my vegetable consumption is beyond reproach.
  • vegetables though, they fill you up right away and then three hours later you are STARVING. I need something for an afternoon snack. Probably fruit, because I don't eat any fruit. I say this every month. I did start eating fruit salad as a post-yoga snack, I liked that. And I can eat a whole jar of fruit salad, I would be set for fruit if I did that twice a week. If, sigh, blargh.
  • quinoa and beans with roasted vegetables - that leaves quinoa for dinner, which I had been dragging my heels about. It was either that I was imagining it was too dry or not enough food, both of which I solved by adding beans to the quinoa.
  • ramen with egg, tofu, and peas - which is my attempt to make ramen not so bad. Ha.

But this, in a nutshell, is how I "diet," which is to say, 1) I eat what I want, which might be easier for me because not much of what I want is that bad, and 2) I fix little problems progressively, not everything all at once. Like Coke, fixed. Carbs out of lunch, fixed with steamfresh veggies. Actually carbs out of breakfast, mostly fixed except for these two bagels. I couldn't fix my whole diet, but I can fix these two bagels.

ETA: Fixed! Poached eggs and curried vegetable stew!