Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slow Chicken Paprikash

slow chicken paprikash

So unbelievably easy, so unbelievably good!

I had ideas for all kinds of slow cooked meats, beef short ribs with tomatoes and pork country ribs with oranges and chicken thighs with peppers. But beef and pork man, that shiz is expensive! So it's going to be chicken thighs with everything.

4-5 chicken thighs
1 large or 2 medium onions
1 red bell pepper

Seriously, you won't believe how easy this is.

First, you can take the skin off the chicken thighs; the skin is where the fat is, and chicken thighs slow cooked in fat is nom. But, fat. Chicken thighs slow cooked without the skin is still pretty nom. Okay so, lightly salt the chicken thighs and put them in the slow cooker.

Slice the onions and peppers and put them on top of the chicken. You can also throw in a couple of bay leaves.

Set the slow cooker on low, and then go away for six to eight hours. That's it!

Serve with steamed vegetables.