Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Pastime Outerwear

winter pastime outerwear

Snowsuit, again, for pastime wear. Having a snowsuit, to me, means never having to think of what to wear all winter. I just wear the damn snowsuit. For Ska's wedding remix, I wore it with a black longsleeved t-shirt, pearls, and an up do. For Juanna's NYE smoked meat party, green longsleeved t-shirt and stringy neckwarmers (TK!) of many colors. For Fury brunch, orange Fury tank top. I have leggings underneath. I love sitting around like an old farmer in my overall bib and shirt sleeves at parties.

Same outerwear as fall, black WCR dickies jacket, and these are my blue gloves for winter to go with, and look, Viral's grandmother is knitting Fury scarves for the whole team, mine says CAPT THE FURY. I still think that WCR hat is too many logos, but it matches nicely with my new gloves, so—