Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Hobby Wear

winter hobby wear mended

Welp, these old sweatpants will last another season. Whaaat, I tried to buy new sweatpants. I did, honestly! I can't help it that I grew out of them in like three months, I had to cut them down to shorts and made the legs into hats.

I'm not going to tell you that mending isn't a total pain, it totally is. In fact I only mended the one pair of sweats last winter because I ran right out of patience, and actually that's when I decided, hello, it would be a lot easier to just buy new sweatpants. It isn't, though. I guess I don't shop enough though to get that everything that you want in your head isn't just waiting in the store for you to pick it up. I mean, I get this about people. That people exist as separate beings and not as a part of myself, which is from Iris Murdoch's Under The Net, and which gives me a sense of initiative that is perhaps one of the guises of love. I might have more initiative to shop if I understood this about shopping, but I don't. I'm always frustrated. Or if not always, often enough.

So I mend. My mom taught me how to machine mend, you put a bit of cloth behind the hole and smooth it all out. Then you sew all over with whatever darning stitch your machine has. Then you trim the cloth close to where it's sewn and sew all over the edges on the back.