Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Work Outerwear
 eeeee huntress boots

winter work outerwear

So now I just swap in my old red hat and gloves and so far, so good for winter. I do have two actual winter coats on deck, don't worry!

Do you want to hear a story about this hat and gloves? I bought them in the waning days of Marshall Field's, I was looking for a light crocheted hat that I could wear indoors way back then. Which this isn't, light enough. I like the little pop of red, though. Anyway. New Year's Eve 2007, I was cabbing home and got discombobulated taking off my gloves to pay the cabbie, and when I got inside I realized I was missing a glove, which I supposed was in the back seat of the cab, driving around Chicago forever. Oh well. Two weeks later, my sister was dropping me off after a visit, and I'm getting out of the car in front of my house, and I see this flash of red under some dirty frozen slush, and I excitedly dig in the middle of the street, and it's my run over glove!

I had it in my head for the nine months that I would get Hunter boots to be my winter boots, because I had heard they were roomy. But then I looked up the actual shaft measurement and it was 14-1/2 inches, I felt like Crocodile Dundee when he says "That's not a knife" and then out whips my 16-inch daikon. But then Elke Hollic gave me the high sign about Huntress boots, eh? Sixteen and a half inch shaft, and let me tell you they just fit. They form, like, a seal around my calf to keep the cold out, and there's plenty of room in the foot and ankle for fuzzy socks for warmth.

Please be waterproof for real. Be my forever boot.