Monday, December 26, 2011

Eight Presents

1 instax film 2 pomodoro 3 huntress boots 4 ramekins5 i'm made of meat t-shirt 6 milkshakes and glory tattoo7 black gel eyeliner 8 fur vest

  1. Instax film - The best present because it's frivolous, and therefore problematic. I am actually old enough to have been in my late twenties when this wild talk about "digital" cameras got started, there's so much that could be said about how our relationship to images has changed since then. Probably has been said. Making images with this film is different, I have to think it over...
  2. Pomodoro timer - I got two of these actually, one for work and one for home. I may not know what to do with fun instant film, but I can use the bejesus out of a timer. I could have just used a free online timer, like Timerrr. I wanted cute tomato timers, though! I have been practicing The Pomodoro Technique, it's going good. Because I'm me, I've added workouts to my pomodoros—stay tuned!
  3. Huntress boots - EEEEE!
  4. Ramekins - For my baked eggs, recipes TK.
  5. I'm Made of Meat t-shirt - I almost never buy t-shirts new, so expensive! But I love my Feelings Are Boring t-shirt dress, I wanted to have another Dinosaur Comics dress. And I am! Made of meat! Surgery TK!
  6. Tattoo - I roughly get some tattoo or piercing during league break. Not to front like I'm a painted lady, I'm only talking about three tattoos (poppy, zelda hearts, milkshakes and glory in elvish) and one piercing (navel) so far.
  7. Black gel eyeliner - I had this eyeliner before, but then I gave it away because I couldn't figure out how to put it on. But then this amazing tutorial happened and also I just rewatched Star Trek TOS, I'm addicted to cat eyes now.
  8. Fur vest - I'm so beside myself about this, I've been waiting for Old Navy to have these again since Helly got hers last year and I missed out, we're going to wear these to afterparties and be twinwifeys...

I want lots more things, sigh. I don't make lookbooks and the like because I can't even keep up with the things that I actually want or even need. I need the clutter of cultivating desire for desire's sake like I need a hole in my head. I probably could use a hole in my head to let some desire out. I need a yoga bag to carry my mat and towel and water to bikram, I want a thirty-pound kettlebell, I just got a tip about a pair of really cute boots on sale that could be my fall boots, but I think I need a new pair of short winter boots to wear with my snowsuit, I definitely need new leggings to skate in that actually cover my butt now that I've grown, not to mention new work skirts that cover my butt, you know, at work, and I need some kind of bout pants now that we have these longer uniform tops...

Eight Presents 2011: Where Are They Now?

  1. Ahhh, I gave my instax camera to my niece. Who will probably take a box's worth of instant photos and then it will fall by the wayside.
  2. I still use this every day but for, you know, cooking. I use my timetracker to keep myself on task.
  3. Love.
  4. Love.
  5. Sigh, I cut this just slightly too small in the chest. I still wear it, but I don't love it. I think now and again about getting another one to try again; but if I'm going to do that, I better do it soon because this design is being discontinued.
  6. Love.
  7. Love, though I don't dress up with makeup very much.
  8. Love, I've even worn this to work!
I still have the pieces of a yoga bag in my craft dresser, I only ever went to bikram over 2011 league break. I do get a lot of use out of my 30# kettlebell and the 40# that I got after that. I got those snowtrekker boots, love them, and all new leggings, and new work skirts, and new bout pants and an ASSETS bodyshaper to wear under them...