Monday, October 6, 2014

No Housecleaning
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  1. sore from strength training Saturday afternoon
  2. hurting from two hours of sleep last night whyyy
Here's what I have to say: a fitness chart might look pretty on paper, but at the end of the day it's written on your body, and body trumps paper. I mean this sincerely, I mean to do right by my body this time. Not be the slave to a chart. Sore means that training did what it was supposed to do, broke down the muscle tissue. Next is recovery to build it back up, for the love of god. NOT MOAR TRAINING, and more than not training! Recovery is sleep, meditation, hydration, nutrition. I tried to sleep, honestly. I think I will sleep tonight, I'm exhausted. I think meditation is what's helping me not be a slave, more about that later. I know, I keep saying later. And I don't just want to say hydration, nutrition, yeah yeah. Hydration what, drink an extra glass of water right meow, that's what. Nutrition, maybe an extra egg? My egg intake is breathtaking. Ha, hopefully not literally.

So yeah I jettisoned my interval workout last night, after more thought than ought to have been needed. I was on skates for learn to skate clinic and referee practice, that was the right thing to do and it felt good. After a hard workout a low-intensity workout is a good idea, no workout is not a good idea, and a high-intensity workout is a bad idea. I should have caught it in the plan, I always forget that Saturday and Sunday are back to back. But anyway, I caught it in the execution. Recalculating...

I'm not not housecleaning because of strength training, I'm not housecleaning because of not sleeping and also because of writing the intro email for the second session of LTS clinics. Boy the two weeks leading up to SW break, all I was thinking was all the housecleaning I had to do. So I thought that was all I had to do. But no, that was just all I could think. It's not even that I'm taken aback that things are all unleashed up in my head, I didn't even know that things were leashed up there.

So no housecleaning today, but session two intro email, session two roster, and this post. And so to bed.

No wait, stretch. Then bed.