Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7 Minute Evening Stretch

Part three of three, or maybe four, daily practices for whole day fitness.

Last or maybe second to last but not least, 20-40 minutes of stretching/foam roller/indian clubs. To which I say, someday may I be that good. Right now, I need to get this started as a microhabit, just seven basic stretches, some L&Rs, ten breaths each, it seems to time out to just around seven minutes.

Actually what seems to have worked is bundling this microhabit with two others: first, when I feel like I'm ready for bed, I tidy up the front room a little bit. Which really I started to get myself to unpack my gear and let it air out overnight for the love of god. Sometimes all I do is unpack my gear and straighten out the throw on the couch. Then stretching is supposed to be next, but lately it feels more right to brush my teeth—so here's me tinkering, doing a little bit of habit engineering. Then habits cling to each other, you know? Let's just gloss over how not good I used to be about brushing my teeth every night, now it wouldn't feel right not to brush my teeth and then it feels like the next natural thing to do is wash my face. Which I used to be less than not good at, I just never did. And then a washed face sort of inspires a little beauty treatment, don't you think? That leaves me really in the mood to keep being nice to myself, so then I roll out my mat to stretch.

How I do:
  • Yoga block raise for future handstands
  • Forward bend for hamstrings
  • Pigeon for IT bands, L&R
  • Forward lunge for hip flexors, L&R
  • Forty-five lunge for adductors, L&R
  • Seated forward bend for upper back
  • Seated back bend for chest

Then bed.