Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Catch-up Cooking Practice

Last week's food was:

  • peanut butter apples for breakfast
  • Chipotle bowls for lunch
  • no afternoon snacks because the bowls were actually pretty filling
  • random dinners
    • chicken torta from Taco Burrito Express
    • veggie chili at Biggie's
    • crispy fried eggs with the last of the greens and quinoa and then I really had no food in the house
    • Denver omelet with a double side of fruit for my meeting with my new client (there are five clients!) at Hollywood Grill
    • egg and rice
    • Little Caesar's hot and ready pepperoni pizza
    • and Saturday night I requested cake (for dinner!) but the sweetie man forgot and I had peanut butter apple instead
I'm already mostly caught up with my food now, "caught up," as if you don't keep eating it up and are therefore never caught up. I made the shakshuka after my Saturday workout, longest wait for post-workout food EVAR but also most delicious post-workout food ever. Then before I ran out of the house for my long Sunday, I threw together the Chinese ground pork, literally threw all the ingredients including frozen-solid ground pork into the slow cooker, that worked great. Then last night I did the greens and quinoa, et fin. Or well, I still have last week's chicken in the freezer. I was kind of thinking that this week I'd do:
  • peanut butter apples for breakfast
  • eggs shakshuka for lunch
  • tea and nuts if I'm hungry for afternoon snack
  • meat, greens, and quinoa for dinner
I think I will do that, apples are good now. I don't really need post-workout snacks because I'm not really working out.

That means I'm already all caught up, and I can just lay around. Yay.