Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ad Hoc
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This thing about letting myself lay on the couch for half an hour or an hour and then I'll get my second wind, this has been the object lesson of this break.

// bike to Joann Fabrics
\ make vanilla pudding
# meat, greens, and quinoa

I've been in a mood about food. "I'm starving and I hate everything" was going to be my facebook status, but I didn't want to be cheered up and what if nobody tried to cheer me up? The only winning move was not to play. And I might not hate vanilla pudding. Though then standing and stirring and a teeny bit of tasting improved my mood enough that I could face a bowl of meat, greens, and quinoa, and why not, it's very good. So I'm saving the vanilla pudding for tomorrow.

Ack, why didn't I take tomorrow off from work?! Then I could have sat at home watching champs and making Halloween costumes for my menagerie, which was what Joann Fabrics was for.

Now that I've eaten, I feel a lot better. Haha.

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