Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Home, hungry, tired, wind, fur, meat, greens, and quinoa.

Then I get up. There's a pile in the kitchen of all the towels and rags in the house, I guess I could take them to the laundromat. And I could go to Kmart to buy some new towels. Which maybe kind of counts as a thing on my Egression #180 list, she said sheets but towels is close enough? We don't need sheets, and we need towels. We have bath sheets and towels, and we need towels because one of them has finally torn. We also need towels because I don't know where all my rags went, I can get new towels and cut up the old towels into new rags. The old rags, in fact, were cut up from my old towels from college. COLLEGE. I've kept these last two, three bits of cloth for twenty-nine years. I skate against girls younger than these rags.

I'm not sure that buying towels that you pretty unequivocally need counts as making your life more interesting. And besides:

m: did you get yummy towels?
p: ...
p: your mate!
p: is a very boring mate.
m: you got white towels.

Well what can I say, he does know me.

// wash towels
// buy towels

I also don't know that schlepping some towels to the laundromat and some other towels from the store is really what I meant when I said I was going to houseclean. I could wash the corner of the kitchen floor that I cleared out Tuesday morning. I could roll all these plastic grocery bags that I cleared out of that corner. When the old towels come back from the laundromat, I could cut them up into rags. I could read the manual for my new camera. I could write my blog post about meditation. But I think I'm going to bring the laundry home from the laundromat, and then I'm done for the night.

// fold towels
// put away clean and new towels
/ tasks