Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ad Hoc
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I'm sort of having a break within a break: Sunday I ditched my interval workout because I was so sore from my Saturday strength workout. Monday I didn't houseclean because I was a zombie from not having slept Sunday night. Tuesday I was not sore! But I had that hella long cooking practice and then I had an appointment with the guy who won the training session that I donated to the Black and Blue Gala, those two together squeezed out my strength workout. And that guy signed up to be my client, yay! There are four clients! I was thinking that I could bump my strength workout to Thursday, that would actually be perfect because Saturday I've been invited on a taco ride right after Travis so I'm not staying for that strength workout. But, by Wednesday afternoon I had a tiny cold.

It really is a tiny cold, I'm not miserable at all. My nose is just running a tiny bit, and I'm sneezing and coughing a tiny bit. This is a typical cold for me. I mean, I get miserably sick sometimes. Like February this year, ugh, I was miserably sick twice in a month. I don't think I've been sick since then? I don't always remember my tiny colds. I treat them just like regular colds, though. That tiny bit of sick tells me that my body is stressed to the point that its defenses are down. Even if it's just a little bit, I don't think the thing to do is push. Surely the thing to do is take the pressure off, and shore up the weak spot. That's what I do, then you get to enjoy being sick. I mean, right? You're alert and comfortable enough to read or watch TV or even write if you do that.

Okay but, guess what else I did. Haha! So this morning Tami posted a casting call for ethnic athletes, can I tell you something I realized? Derby keeps me out of a lot of trouble. You know how I was saying all these thoughts are unleashed in my head that I didn't even know were leashed? There's things I just don't consider because I have derby, and when I don't have derby I have sleeping. For a minute I don't have derby or sleeping, so hey, I'm an ethnic athlete, and what could be more ad hoc than getting home from work and shooting a little video of myself skating around the schoolyard with my poor droopy eyelid camera that I have never shot a video with before tonight. I mean, I didn't shoot the video; MJ did. So that's been tonight so far:

// shoot video
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Really though this break is telling me that what I would do if I didn't have derby, which is a thing I wonder now and again, is barf up words like woah.

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