Monday, October 13, 2014

Ad Hoc THIS!
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THEORETICALLY I am going to houseclean on Thursday. Though truthfully things aren't looking good for housecleaning at this point.

Anyway tonight I crossed a thing off my Egression #180 list, going to an open mic night. You know, I didn't read that closely; was I supposed to do the open mic night? And anyway it wasn't an open mic night, it was a storytelling night that A-bomb was in. Close enough!

Maybe one day, post derby. I used to do this sort of thing, pre derby.

If I were a proper blogger, I would have taken a picture with me and smiling A-bomb; but no. My new camera did arrive, though! I have to read the manual, and the first picture I want to take is of old camera and bid it a fond farewell.