Thursday, September 5, 2013

Late Summer Food Chart

Same basic plan as summer so far, just freshening things up a bit:

  • Morning Drink - green tea and lemon
  • Breakfast - eggs and vegetable - Hard boiled eggs are sooo easy to set up, I want to keep eating them as long as humanly possible, so I'm freshening them up with watermelon instead of tomato and avocado for Sunday and work breakfasts. In addition to being SO DELICIOUS, watermelon is also supposed to be good for muscle recovery, nom nom nom! For home breakfasts, I'm eating fried eggs with avocado vegetable hash so I'm sticking with vegetables for at least part of the week.
  • Lunch - chicken and vegetable - I'm widening the variety of my chicken jars, more TK. These also are so easy, I'm also going to stretch them as far as I can. The basic formula is vegetable and pepper plus vinaigrette, plus chicken, and then you can plate a jar either on lettuce or on sliced fruit or topped with raisins, walnuts, and parmesan, I am obsessed with the latter.
  • Afternoon Snack - nuts and fruit - Do you want to hear something weird, only almonds seem right for snacking to me, definitely not walnuts or pecans, and then recently I accepted cashews, and it turns out that almonds and cashews are seeds, not nuts. So like I have an unconscious preference for seeds? Anyway. I did a reality check about the calories in almonds and cashews, it's like 200 for a palmful and I was eating ...way more than a palmful. So I'm keeping it to a palmful and getting the rest of my nibbles from fruit. This is the extent to which I interface with calories: I mostly stick to whole foods and I eat what I want, with the occasional reality check. Nectarines are lovely this time of year. I don't think I've detailed my afternoon snacks in previous food charts, but earlier in the summer I was snacking on dark chocolate and nuts, but I burnt out on chocolate. Which I didn't know was a thing that could happen, but it did.
  • Dinner - meat, veg, and rice, or fish and veg - I have settled into a happy routine of korean ground beef or chinese ground pork, sauteed kale, and half a packet of Trader Joe's microwaveable rice. I tried cauliflower and cauliflower rice, but it just didn't give me enough gas for practice and at the same time gave me gas, excuse me for saying so. Adding in kale, a) is tasty, and b) adds a little but not too much veg, and c) lets me cut the rice in half. I empty half the packet into my bowl and save the rest for tomorrow's dinner, it keeps fine in the fridge. On nights I don't work out, which for late summer is Friday and Saturday night, Friday night I make salmon and broccoli, idk, I used to not be able to tolerate cooking at the end of the day, let alone the end of the week, but lately I really like stopping by the Jewel, picking out a piece of salmon, cleaning up the kitchen, and making a little salmon dinner for me and the sweetie man. The most satisfying thing about the way I cook is, I wash dishes as I go. Dinner's ready and the kitchen's so clean, it looks like I got takeout. And I think, I am goood. Which is great to be able to think about yourself, you know? Saturdays we've been going to the movies and having popcorn and coke for dinner, which is great is a different way.
  • Workout Drink - tart cherry coconut water
  • Post Workout Snack - greek yogurt and fruit - greek yogurt pie smoothies