Monday, September 23, 2013

You DO Know Squat!
 six week bootcamp starting 10/3

For any and all skater folks who live in the Chicago area:

The next time you're in a pace line or hanging out in the scrum waiting for the jam whistle, look down and see if you're: a) kinda high up, b) hinged forward at the waist, c) knock-kneed, or d) kinda easy to knock down, and if yes to any of these, I sort of beg you to attend my October bootcamp.

Or for that matter, for any and all folks who sit down or occasionally pick up things!

The focus is going to be on squats, not RAWR SQUATS but more like huh, squats! Where we're going to really learn great squat form, and learn some things that you may not realize are actually super important for that. We're not going to be breathing fire for strength or conditioning, but you're going to feel it in muscles that maybe you're not using so much for this movement. Also: make sure that your movement is perfect before breathing fire, good safety tip.

The funny thing is, you were born knowing this. Look at any kid picking anything up off the floor, I practically guarantee that you will be looking at a perfect squat. And kids do things over and over so if you see it once, you'll see it like a hundred times. And you'll be like, that kid just did a hundred squats just to be annoying. We're going to get back to that: the squat that you knew and did over and over when you were a kid, the easiest and safest way to sit down and pick up things, and also the way to get strongest and fastest. And also the way to get the best buns.

This will be a four to six week one-hour session from 7:30-8:30pm starting Thursday, October 3 through November 7 at Tsubo. Four to six weeks means, you purchase a four week session for $40. Use all four, and you get your fifth session free. Use all five in a row, and your sixth session is also free, boom.

Holla at me at allapoppy (at) gmail (dot) com for signup details—first come, first serve up to twelve.