Monday, September 9, 2013

Late Summer Cooking Practices

This late summer cooking plan is a teeny bit more work because I have to cut up the watermelon. But I have settled into Sunday morning for this part and as long as I'm doing that, I also cut up my lemon and I boil my eggs so they're ready for the week.

lemon eggs

Lemon and eggs, you've seen these before. I only make six eggs now though, just for work. I'm transitioning to different eggs for fall.

So I wake up whenever on Sunday morning, sometimes at my normal wakeup time, which is eight, sometimes I sleep past nine, in which the sweetie man pokes his head back in the bedroom to make sure I don't have SIDS, so far so good. It's sort of a rule, probably to be saved for posterity as an official habit, that I stick to my morning routine whenever I wake up, since I generally don't have anywhere to be until afternoon. I drink my green tea and lemon, I write my 750 words, then I get up and tidy the bedroom and the kitchen—and actually, three out of those four are already officially habits. I don't think I've told you about 750 Words yet, though.

Anyway after the kitchen is tidied, I set about making breakfast. Which on Sunday is scrambled eggs and watermelon, which is how the watermelon gets done. First, I cut up the lemon on the fruit cutting board. Then I cut up the watermelon, it's that mini volleyball-sized watermelon. I top and tail the ends and slice out any fruit and bring that to the sweetie man. Ha ha I know, a whole watermelon and he gets the ends. I'm mean. Then I halve the watermelon lengthwise, and halve it again lengthwise. Then I quarter the quarters crosswise, I use the tip of the knife to slice the fruit out of the rinds, and quarter the slices into bite-size pieces. A quarter of the whole watermelon goes on my plate for Sunday breakfast, and the other three quarters goes into three jars for MWF work breakfasts.

watermelon jars

And that's Sunday, I scramble some eggs and plate them with the watermelon.

scrambled eggs and watermelon

Watermelon with salt is so perfect, I thought sprinkling a little cayenne pepper would wreck its perfection. But. It doesn't.