Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Slate

weekly slate

So you know, I've been squishing my weekly chart into shape for years, I've been loading in back entries from this blog's earlier version and you can see its early formation in the archives if you want. It's pretty well massaged by now, I have it down to three major time blocks: morning, afternoon, and evening. I know, it took me four years to invent morning, afternoon, and evening. What makes it work for me, though, is finally having it in my head that each block is, like, one gesture, like each block is about one idea. Which really simplifies and clarifies my week.

I developed this over the years in index cards, spreadsheets, lots of different systems, and now it's finally boiled down to this small dry erase board permanently marked with three blocks in a day and seven days in the week. Which I fill in every week with the week's actual appointments, here a slightly kayfabe version to protect the innocent.

I really only bring this up because I'm about to unveil a new training skeleton where this revolutionary morning-afternoon-evening idea pretty strongly comes into play, and also a little bit to sell the idea of simplicity, so much has been trimmed out of my life so that it can be expressed in a 3 x 7 grid, euhh, for everything there is a season. I think there's a time when you want to live a jam-packed life, try all the things, and then there's a time for cherry-picking and plenty of white space around what you've picked, and this is what that looks like.

At some point I should zoom out to show you my display wall! You can see the corner of one of the picture rails that the sweetie man found in the alley, he is a genius at finding things in the alley. You can almost tell him, I need x, and like the next week he finds it in the alley. With the picture rails and the dominion habitat and my nephew's portrait of Obama, the wall is filling in pretty nicely like actual home decoration.